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Zoo on wheels

V5 is coming along nicely! Thanks for your patience. Actually, that's no way to thank you. How about a gameplay video of CTR 2010? And some new info, screenshots and concept art? That'd be great. Yeah, let's go with that.

Crash Team Racing 2010 news

Now that's thinking outside the crate.

Oh! One more thing: there is now an official YouTube channel. If you need something to keep you busy until V5 is done, go ahead and subscribe. New videos from all over the series will be released every now and then. That's all for now!

- HP Zoner


Introducing V5

It's great to see that despite the lack of updates, people still come here as often as always. As a token of gratitude, I'd like to share the big reason why things have been so quiet recently. Allow me to introduce what I like to call Crash Mania V5.

Those who follow Crash Mania on Facebook and other social networks already know the site is being completely revamped in some way. I'll reveal a few things I have planned for this massive update right now, starting with the visual design (click to zoom):

Crash Mania V5 1280x800

Some things seen in the picture are still being worked on, but this is roughly what Crash Mania will look like on an average computer screen. I put it that way because a major feature in V5 is a responsive layout. What this means is that the site will automatically adapt itself to whatever device you're using for the best possible experience. It'll look nice and remain practical on any computer, HDTV, tablet or mobile phone!

To illustrate, here's what it'll look like on a small Android phone:

Crash Mania V5 1280x800

A responsive overhaul isn't the only thing happening with the site at the moment. For starters, a lot of the text is being revised and all of the code behind the site is being completely rewritten from scratch. This will allow much better accessibility and compliance to the most modern of web standards, as well as easier and more frequent updates. In truth, V5 is going to be the most advanced site I've ever built!

As you can probably guess, it takes a lot of time and effort to create something this complex, so I must ask you for your patience. I'd like to work on V5 full-time, but unfortunately, I only have a few hours per week. Still, progress is going smoothly and you can keep up with some of the upcoming features by following Crash Mania on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

V5 will bring a lot more to the table, so believe me - it'll be worth the wait!

- HP Zoner