Crash Bandicoot 2


- At over 7.5 million copies sold, Crash Bandicoot 2 is the 5th best-selling PlayStation video-game, and also the top-selling game of the Crash series.

- The 3D model used for Crash's character in this game was recycled for a number of sequels and spin-offs: Crash 3, CTR, XS, N-Tranced and Fusion. Thus, it's Crash's most widely recognized appearance.

- This famous Crash model is composed of 532 triangles. In this particular game, it has over 9000 frames of animation.

- Crash's burning animation is that of Crash 1, and it's fairly noticeable how it makes Crash change to his previous model (except when he's wearing the Jet-Pack). The same thing applies to Crash 3.

- At least one entire level in playable form was removed before the game was released. The level showed a snow theme, but very different in appearance from those seen in the game.

- Tiny's provisory name can still be seen in the NTSC-US version of the game, if the player pauses it in his boss fight (it displays Taz Tiger, which was probably just a filler until a name was given to him, or just a mistake).

- This game is where Crash's pink boxers are first seen (when him and Polar run into an explosive Crate, or when Crash gets electrocuted). They are also visible in Crash 3.

- The level "Hang Eight" is named after the term "hang ten" used in surfing. Since bandicoots only have 8 toes, the level is named "Hang Eight" instead.

- One of Ripper Roo's books reads "CRASH".

- When exploded by a Nitro, Crash turns into an angel and plays a didgeridoo, an Australian woodwind instrument.

- The Japanese version of the game features Aku Aku giving out hints to the player. This makes this game his first speaking appearance, and not actually Crash 3.

- Coincidentally, there is an actual street in Louisiana called N. Gin Street.

- As found by Hacc, Monty Hall was the original name for the Warp Rooms. If one takes a look at the game's coding, each Warp Room is listed as "obj_monty_hall". The same happens in Crash 3, since it was built on a Crash 2 basis. This is a reference to the game show host Maurice "Monty Hall" Halperin.

- There is a PlayStation game called Dragonseeds where you can train dragons and teach them to fight. By having certain save data on the second Memory Card, you can unlock special dragons in this game. Having Crash 2 save data unlocks the dragon called AUSSIE.

Puns and References

- N. Gin's name is an obvious pun on the word 'engine', which comes from the fact that he is part machine.
- The level "Snow Biz" is much like the term 'show biz', which is often used for famous people.
- The level "Unbearable" is named after the expression, but also because of all the bears that appear in it.
- "Sewer Or Later" is a pun on the expression "sooner or later".
- "Cold Hard Crash" is a pun on the expression "cold hard cash".
- "Bee-Having" is a play on the word 'behaving'.
- "Rock It" is a play on the word 'rocket', referring to Crash's rocket pack.
- "The Eel Deal" is a pun on the expression "the real deal".
- "Night Fight" is a pun on "Night Flight", which is the name for a number of songs, an album, a TV series and a movie.
- "Road to Ruin" could be a reference to the album with the same name, by the Ramones.


- The main theme is actually a remix of the one from the original game.
- The same goes for all the character themes for everyone who's appeared in the first game (Cortex, Brio and Ripper Roo, although Brio's is basically just a sped-up version).