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V5 Beta and TTR DS Screenies

So I guess it's been exactly 8 months since the last update.

Hey there! Where have I been, and where is the new design and contents? Don't worry, I haven't forgotten about it. I'm still slowly making progress, but work outside Crash Mania keeps piling up. I can't give you an exact release date, but I have something a bit better today: a work-in-progress version of V5 for you to mess around with!

There's still lots of stuff missing and many features don't work yet, but you should get a general idea of how the site will be like in the future. I'd also love to get some feedback about it all, so when you visit, please send your opinion by using the form on the front page.

Click here to visit the V5 beta!

When you're done exploring the V5 beta, there's a second surprise waiting for you: thanks to the efforts of Bitmap, we finally have information and images of the cancelled DS version of Crash Tag Team Racing! This is the first time we get to see something about this version in any form. Those who had doubts it ever got past the approval board will be surprised.

Click here for the Tag Team Racing DS sweets!

That's all for now. As always, keep an eye out for more Crash Bandicoot stuff on Crash Mania's social pages, which are conveniently located to your left. Check back on V5 for new updates every now and then. And remember, even though I can't reply to every email, I still read everything you send. You can also find me on Facebook sometimes. See you around!

- HP Zoner


Zoo on wheels

V5 is coming along nicely! Thanks for your patience. Actually, that's no way to thank you. How about a gameplay video of CTR 2010? And some new info, screenshots and concept art? That'd be great. Yeah, let's go with that.

Crash Team Racing 2010 news

Now that's thinking outside the crate.

Oh! One more thing: there is now an official YouTube channel. If you need something to keep you busy until V5 is done, go ahead and subscribe. New videos from all over the series will be released every now and then. That's all for now!

- HP Zoner