Music - Official Albums

There have been a few Crash albums over the years, mostly in Japan. Some contain high-quality in-game music, others contain songs about the bandicoot. However, it wasn't until relatively recently that commercial soundtracks for the games started being released, mostly in digital format.

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Crash Banjy-Kyusuu
A Japanese release that features the well known hit song from the Crash Dance in Japan, as seen in certain commercials. The song has 3 versions: the album version, the original karaoke version and the "Dance CM" version. There is also a 4th track which is a remix of the aforementioned song, making it sound like a mix of J-Pop and Rap.

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Crash Banjy-Kyusuu ~Carnival 2000 Mix~
Another Japanese release, related to Kurasshu Bandikū Kānibaru (Crash Bash in other continents). The album has a Samba-oriented mix of the song from the previous album and it comes in 4 different versions: normal, Rev Up Mix, Short Version and Karaoke.

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Game Music Collection
The Japanese Crash Bandicoot song by SCSZIPS is featured on Sony Computer Entertainment Japan's "Game Music Collection", along with other memorable songs from PlayStation games.

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Crash Bandicoot 2: N-Tranced OST
N-Tranced got a limited special edition in its release day that came inside a case (USA only). The case contained the game, an N-Tranced poster, a student's booklet (entitled Student Planner) and the N-Tranced Official SoundTrack. The soundtrack featured most of the in-game music in high-quality, though it had some Crash 3 remakes along with it (perhaps intended to be used in deleted levels). The music includes the main N-Tranced Theme, Warp Room, Arabia, Egypt, Volcano, Jungle, Motorcycle (Warped) and Future (Warped/XS).

Audio CD
Crash Nitro Kart OST
This limited Crash Nitro Kart soundtrack contains most of the tracks from the game, as described on the CD.

Crash Twinsanity OST
- By Spiralmouth
Though it never had a commercial release, the Official Sound Track for Twinsanity is legally and freely available for download. It features all of the game music except for High Seas Hi-Jinks and the boss themes for N. Gin, Dingodile and Madame Amberly. It does, however, contain 4 bonus tracks to make up for it: a removed Ice Climb theme; an alternate version for Boiler Room Doom; an alternate version for Classroom Chaos; a laughless version of Academy of Evil.

All of the music is sung in A Cappella, which means that no instruments other than the singers' voices were used. Though you can no longer find it in the official Crash Bandicoot website, there are still many mirrors available out there on the Internet. All files come in MP3 format (256 kbps, 44 khz). Performed by Spiralmouth, this wonderfully silly soundtrack is an absolute must-have.

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Crash Tag Team Racing Original Game Music Score
Released on the 6th of March 2007, the official soundtrack for CrashTTR is available for purchase on iTunes. The soundtrack offers 15 songs from the game, namely the ones from the racing tracks (any others aren't included, sadly). Each song is a remix of the track's main theme, losing-the-last-lap (6th-8th place) winning-the-last-lap (1st-2nd place), and each song ends very abruptly. The soundtrack was composed and performed by Marc Baril and, although not credited for some reason, Spiralmouth.

This soundtrack later became available at the Zune Marketplace, at the cost of 79 Microsoft Points per track (or 880 Microsoft Points for the entire soundtrack).

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Crash of the Titans Original Game Music Score
The second of Marc Baril's soundtracks was released on the 11th of November 2007. It contains 32 music tracks from Crash of the Titans and can be purchased on iTunes or the Zune Marketplace (2291 Microsoft points for the entire soundtrack). A limited 2-disc release was also available for purchase.