Dingodile / ディンゴダイル

  • Species: Hybrid (Dingo + Crocodile)
  • Gender: Male
  • Alignment: Evil
«Bring out the butter... Gonna make toast!»
«Treasure, eh? Bonza!»


DingodileDingodile is a half dingo, half crocodile hybrid mutant. Usually seen working for Cortex or himself, he may seem like an ordinary henchman, but is actually one of the most intelligent mutants to usually try and stop Crash.

He's a pyromaniac and always carries his trusty flamethrower and gas canister around with him. If there's a problem, he will probably try to solve it with fire.

Dingodile speaks in a distinct Australian accent. His hobbies include reading Shakespeare and playing croquet, and he is a very good cook. Sadly, these charms are often obscured by his other, more destructive habits.

Game Models

Character Model Crash 3/CTR/XS
Voiced by: William Hootkins (Crash 3)/Keisuke Ishida (Japan)
Chip Chinery (CTR)/Keisuke Ishida (Japan)

The original Dingodile model.

In Crash Bandicoot XS/The Huge Adventure, he wears blue trousers with a flower pattern.

Character Model

Crash Bash
Voiced by: Uncredited/Keisuke Ishida (Japan)

A less detailed model with no facial expressions. Dingodile's ears are less upright and his nostrils are smaller and farther away from each other. He has gained a few fangs, but lost the cream fur on his palms and under his arms. His upper lip is longer than his lower one.

Character Model

Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex

Dingodile's ears are smaller and his fur is more purplish. Both lips are the same length again and his feet are clawed. He also has a different gas canister and pants.

Character Model

Crash Nitro Kart
Voiced by: Dwight Schultz/Hajime Iijima (Japan)

Dingodile's fur looks browner again. His eyes have turned green and his nostrils are the same shape as in the original model. He's wearing yellow pants and has a much spikier tail, but has regular toe nails instead of claws now.

Character Model

Crash Twinsanity
Voiced by: Dwight Schultz/Hajime Iijima (Japan)

Dingodile's fur has gotten darker and his ears are even smaller. His eyes are yellow with red pupils and he has smaller fangs. He has cream-coloured hands and seems to have put on some weight. That must be why he decided to wear new pants, which are blue instead of yellow. The gas canister on his back is identical to the original one, with an electronic meter rather than the analog one.

Character Model

Crash of the Titans (DS version)
Voiced by: Nolan North

As this is a 3D model for a Nintendo DS game, it appears more polygonal than usual.

Dingodile doesn't look too different besides the brighter fur and a brown tail. His ears aren't as close to each other, his eyes are white and smaller and he has bigger toes. In an odd inversion of character, he uses a water tank and a squirt gun.

Out of comparison

Character Model CTR (In-Kart)
All in-kart models are much more polygonal versions than usual, since 8 of the usual character models on screen at the same time would be more than the PS1 could handle. Dingodile has black, oval spots on his back here.
Character Model Crash 3 (Head in time vortex)
Character model Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart 3D
Dingodile mostly resembles his original self, but is considerably more polygonal. The car he drives is the Overcompensator from Crash Tag Team Racing.