Uka Uka / ウカウカ

  • Species: Spirit
  • Gender: Male
  • Alignment: Evil
«This time the great Uka Uka will make sure that you do it right!»
«I will kill Crash Bandicoot. Kill him... forever!»


Uka UkaUka Uka is Aku Aku's evil twin brother and polar opposite. While Aku Aku is kind and benevolent, Uka Uka is impatient and malicious. He was locked up by his own brother in a temple prison many eons ago, so that he wouldn't be able to threaten the world any longer. After meeting and instructing Dr. Neo Cortex to do his bidding for him, the events that followed accidentally set him free, as the doctor's Cortex Vortex plummeted down from space and onto Uka Uka's prison.

Uka Uka is very powerful and has the same strength and abilities as his brother Aku Aku. He uses this to his advantage to make Cortex follow his orders so he can rule the world, but the doctor's constant failures at the hands of Crash Bandicoot only make him more and more frustrated with each attempt. Though he hates his brother, Uka Uka won't refuse teaming up with him out of necessity, so he can accomplish his own, selfish goals.

Note: His name is sometimes incorrectly spelled as "Uka-Uka", with a dash.

Game Models

Crash 3/CTR/Bash/XS/N-Tranced
Voiced by: Clancy Brown (Crash 3 and CTR)
Uncredited (Crash Bash)
Ryûzaburô Ôtomo (Crash 3, CTR and Crash Bash in Japan)

The original Uka Uka model.

Crash 3 (Cortex boss fight)

This is a simpler model used in Cortex's boss fight to avoid slowdowns caused by too many polygons on-screen. His face is still capable of animating, though.

Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex
Voiced by: Clancy Brown/Ryûzaburô Ôtomo (Japan)

Uka Uka is mostly unchanged besides the higher polygon count, but his colours are a bit more orange than before. The bone on his forehead isn't tied down anymore. Thanks, Super Glue.

Crash Nitro Kart
Voiced by: Clancy Brown/Ryûzaburô Ôtomo (Japan)

Not much of a change in this design either besides the gradients in Uka Uka's smaller eyes.

Crash Twinsanity
Voiced by: Alex Fernandez/Ryûzaburô Ôtomo (Japan)

This model is very close to the original one, but with increased detail. His bones swing when he moves.

Crash of the Titans/Mind Over Mutant
Voiced by: John DiMaggio

Uka Uka's been given a thorough redesign that makes him looks completely different from before.

Out of comparison

Character Icon

Crash: Boom, Bang! (cameo)

Uka Uka doesn't actually have a role in this game, but he is a purchasable item. His appearance was changed to that of his Japanese counterpart.