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Crash as he should have been.

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the Twin Tech logo. I have seen it used elsewhere on these forums.. so here it is from the designer... me :) Nothing special but I was happy with it. I wanted it to go on nearly all the Twin Technology (which you will see later).

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Twin Technology was quite important to me as an artist. I wanted a theme, a design continuity running through all the Twin Tech in the game. Sadly, the Twins did not play as large a part in the game as we all had wanted but game design changes as it goes on and many ideas would be scrapped for newer and probably better ones.

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Here are some more examples of the Twin Tech. I was inspired by the film ID4. I thought the alien technology had a strong identity of its own and wanted our Twin Tech to feel as if it were from a single world.

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Next comes the very first concept to be created for the school. I am betting that all of you have played it to death by now, this is where it all started some years back (about 3 years ago)

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The quick painting of the school (about a day at max) was the beginning of a large project that would take some months. From the first concept to isometric designs to level design to level model, texture and lighting. Just one level like the school will take many weeks to complete with a number of people working on it. These were just the beginnng.

This is the isometric design that helped show the rough layout of the school. This was to be used as inspiration for level designers and world artists. I hope it did its job :)

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A little montage of some of the proposed worlds. We had so many worlds penned in for the game... perhaps these will make it to the next? Who knows.

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Crash's island was going to be more volcanic toward the final stages. I beleive there was even going to be time travel with Twin Tech as Crash explored the island years in the past. Crash Bandicoot's best ideas came from a designer called 'Dax', an Australian man whom I had the pleasure of working with for a year or more. He was the driving force behind nearly all of the ideas of the game and all of the ideas I have mentioned. Crash Twinsanity/Evolution was going to be a bold, fun epic new adventure for Crash and it had him travelling through time and space to stop the alien menance of the Twins. Only working with Cortex could Crash save the day (an element that made its way to the version you have today). Dax was the ideas man behind iNinja and has moved on to pastures new as well. His latest project will probably be just as good :)

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Another world that never made it. This was the "Gaudi" world I mentioned before. Most of my paintings were painted digitally from scratch on my trusty work Mac.

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The caves in the 'Gaudi' world were rich with Wampa. The Twin army of ants had moved in already to harvest the Wampa supply. If memory serves, I believe that Crash had to stop Wampa harvesting in his usual 'subtle' method

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The 'Gaudi' world was quite an inhospitable place. Crash would have to work his way from huge greenhouse to huge greenhouse (shown in diagram) as the atmosphere was poisonous outside. The Ants and the Twins had already started to strip this planet of its resources as it was rich in minerals.

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One of the inhabitants of the lost 'Gaudi' world. These were a race of shaman and warriors and Crash would have to help them through many quests to gain their trust. That was another aspect of the lost Twinsanity game, it was a quest based game where Crash would blunder through the worlds trying his best to help out (and ultimately causing problems as he goes). It was to be a bold, new project for Crash.

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