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Resaurus Toys

Resaurus was the company that made Crash toys a long time ago, back in the days when Crash was still developed by Naughty Dog. These toys are no longer being made, but if you're lucky enough, you can snatch a few of them off of eBay. Watch out, though: the Resaurus Crash toys are widely known for their fragility.

Here are pictures of the series 1 and 2 toys, along with concept art for them:

Submitted by Tikous

merchandise114.jpg (602062 bytes)
Submitted by The Disillusionist

Three series were planned, but only two were made (rumour has it this was due to the fragility of the toys). Here are pictures of the back of the cancelled series 3 boxes:

Submitted by Crashnconker

As well as some higher-res concept art of the same toys:
(WARNING: may contain Papu Papu's butt):
Submitted by Tikous

Series 1 contents:
Note: All toys with Crates come with symbol stickers: "Nitro", "TNT", "!", "C", "?".

Jet Pack Crash Bandicoot
Comes with, Crash Action Figure, Jet Pack, Wooden Crate, Aku Aku, Red Crystal, and 1 Wumpa Fruit.

Jet Board Crash Bandicoot
Comes with Crash Action Figure, Jet board, Wooden Crate, Golden Aku Aku, Green Crystal,
1 Wumpa Fruit.

Coco Bandicoot
Comes with Coco Action Figure, Computer, Wooden Crate, Blue Crystal, Penguin, Lizard, 1 Wumpa Fruit.

Komodo Moe
Comes with K. Moe Action Figure, 2 Swords, 1 Wumpa Fruit, Iron Crate, Yellow Crystal, .

Comes with Tiny Action figure, Iron Crate, Purple Crystal, Wumpa Fruit.

Dr. Neo Cortex
Comes with Cortex Action Figure, Ray-Gun, Wumpa Fruit, Black Crystal, Iron Crate, Rocketsled.

Series 2 contents:

Deep Dive Crash
Comes with Crash Action Figure, Scuba Gear (3 Parts), Jet Sub, Crash Logo, Gem.

High Flying Crash
Crash Action Figure, Nose Attachable Aku Aku, Scarf, Fruit Bazooka (2 Parts), Bouncy Crate, Clear Gem.

Wave Rider Coco Bandicoot
Comes with Coco Action Figure, Red Gem, Jet-Ski, Crash Logo.

Comes with Dingodile Action figure, Flamethrower (3 Parts), Purple Gem, Crash Logo.

N. Gin
Comes with N. Gin Action Figure (2 Parts), Orange Gem, Hoverboard, Ray Gun, Crash Logo.

N. Tropy
Comes with Dr. Nefarious Tropy Action Figure (2 Parts), Uka Uka (For Neo Cortex Toy), Fork, Black Gem, Crash Logo.

Moto Crash and Coco Bandicoot
Comes with Crash Bandicoot Action Figure, Coco Bandicoot Action Figure, Clear Gem, Nose Attachable Aku Aku, Sun Glasses (for Crash), Crash Logo.

Unreleased Resaurus Tiny and Dingodile

Submitted by Crashfan25, Okura and Dingodile555

merchandise118.jpg (66996 bytes)Merchandise

Toy renditions of Tiny and Dingodile's Warped appearances. These are unreleased Resaurus toys shown at a convention.

Crash Bandicoot Little Big Heads


Crash gets a piece of the Little Big Heads action.


Jet-Board Kit

merchandise14.jpg (16713 bytes)merchandise15.jpg (30749 bytes)

Assemble your own Jet-Board Crash.

Crash Super Bike

Submitted by Yoda1996

merchandise27.jpg (23032 bytes)

With ramp!

CTR Karts

Submitted by Yoda1996 and Dingodile555

merchandise29.jpg (29584 bytes)merchandise79.jpg (22353 bytes)merchandise80.jpg (23013 bytes)

The kind of toy cars that are controlled via wired remote, with only two options: back and forward. A handy substitute for that broken rolling pin.

Nestlé Cereal Toys

Submitted by: Crashomestar and Orange Baron (left) / Dingodile555 (right)


Back in 2001, Nestlé had a free toy promotion for their cereal boxes in the United Kingdom. The toys were based on Crash Bandicoot, Spyro the Dragon and Lara Croft, and each character had two. The left picture shows a Crash toy that would spin around manually, coupled with a Spyro toy that would (supposedly) move back and forth if his wings were moved. The right picture shows the other Crash toy, which came with a plastic cone (not pictured) to balance Crash on, as well as the second Spyro toy which didn't really do anything.

Crash Bobble Head

Submitted by Crashnconker

merchandise37.jpg (201786 bytes)

This Bobble Head toy came with "The Wrath of Cortex" at Best Buy.


Submitted by FakeCortex

merchandise41.jpg (10843 bytes)


Submitted by FakeCortex

merchandise49.jpg (12389 bytes)

Varied Toys

Submitted by FakeCortex

merchandise50.jpg (9512 bytes)

Crash Bandy Kuu and Polar Piggy Bank

Submitted by Crashnconker and Dingodile555

merchandise54.jpg (15315 bytes)Merchandise

Johnny Lightning Crash Car

Submitted by FakeCortex and Crashthebandicoot

merchandise48.jpg (11505 bytes)merchandise85.jpg (31398 bytes)

A Johnny Lightning car featuring Crash painted on the sides.

Crash Cookie Jar


With attached lid. Quite cool.

Crash Bandicoot Super Deck

Submitted by Dingodile555

merchandise98.jpg (57396 bytes)

I think they should have made him with the same pose as in the back illustrations.

Japanese Figurines

Submitted by Smaz

merchandise111.jpg (42639 bytes)merchandise112.jpg (52861 bytes)merchandise113.jpg (49583 bytes)

A small collection of figurines was released in Japan. The chosen characters were Crash, Polar and Pura.

Japanese Crash and Fake Crash CTR Figurines

Submitted by Micster and Fiercey-Kun

merchandise143.jpg (483497 bytes)Merchandise

Japanese CTR 3D Track Model

Submitted by Micster

merchandise144.jpg (562573 bytes)

It's somewhat unclear what this one's about, but it's possible that you could buy a track and race with CTR toy cars in it.

Crash of the Titans model

Submitted by Super Dingo


This awesome statuette was based on the in-game model from Crash of the Titans. Only 15 were ever made, and they were given away as prizes in Xbox's Family Game Night Sweepstakes.

Taco Bell Toy

Submitted by Dingodile555


Fat Jet-Ski Crash

Submitted by Dingodile555


Squirter Scuba Crash

Submitted by Dingodile555


Extreme Triple Playset

Submitted by Dingodile555


A special playset containing all Super Deck toys.

Breakable Crate Set

Submitted by Dingodile555 and Crashratchetfan


He was inside all along! Don't try that at home.

Japanese CNK Go-Kart

Submitted by Dingodile555


Pull it back and wheeee!


Submitted by Dingodile555


CrashTTR Figurine

Submitted by Wumpa Zoner


Nice, promotional and not for sale.

Unpainted Japanese CTR Figure

Submitted by Fiercey-Kun


In all its unfinished glory.

Twinsanity Figure


Japanese Pilot Crash

Submitted by Fiercey-Kun


Stunt Cycle Playset

Submitted by Crashratchetfan


Knock the sign over to enter a secret level.

Taco Bell Toys

Submitted by Crashratchetfan


All those visits to Taco Bell really did a number on Crash's figure.

Japanese Coco Bendy

Submitted by Crashratchetfan