• Species: Tyranosaurus rex
  • Gender: Male
  • Alignment: Good


A small, green, baby T-Rex smiles at the viewer.During Crash's travels through time, he found a large pre-historic egg sitting in a nest, which he was more than happy to hatch using his own limited knowledge of the subject (via brute force). The dinosaur that hatched from the egg befriended Crash, who used him as a ride and his ticket out of the dinosaur nest. He was later brought to the present as Crash's new pet, where he lives alongside the bandicoots' other pets, Polar and Pura.


  • In some of the Crash Bash prototype builds, the dragons from the mini-game Dragon Drop were multiple Baby-Ts instead.
  • Baby-T was set to make an appearance in Crash of the Titans. The original draft was centered around the idea of Crash having to rescue him and Pura.


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