MotorWorld is Ebenezer Von Clutch's racing-themed amusement park. With its blatant disregard for safety, MotorWorld's decadent structures and unsupervised attractions make it a real death-trap.

As with any other amusement park, it's filled with food stands, game booths and (surprisingly) people, though usually with nothing good to say about the place. The park is operated by workers dressed in weird suits referred to as park drones, and they're often victims to the park's faulty design.

MotorWorld's main attractions are its race tracks, spread throughout the park's several themed areas:

  • Mystery Island - The park's pirate and jungle theme, mostly surrounded by water and actual, live sharks.
  • Happily Ever Faster - A recreation of old fairy tales as you might not remember them.
  • Tyrannosaurus Wrecks - Pre-history at its weirdest in a fire-meets-ice scheme.
  • Tomb Town - Ancient Egypt, mummies, sphinxes, and many pyramids to gaze upon.
  • Astro Land - A futuristic sci-fi theme focused almost entirely on Uranus.


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