Mech (N. Gin)


N. Gin is a skilled mech builder and pilot. He often confronts Crash Bandicoot with one of his creations.

His first confrontation with Crash was dealt inside a flying mech that mimmicked N. Gin's movements. Featuring laser-firing hands, missile-launching shoulders, and a giant beam fired from its stomach, this powerful robot was ironically blown to bits after Crash threw Wumpa fruits at its components, causing severe short-circuits.

Never one to give up on his hobbies, N. Gin soon built a new and improved model that he used against Coco in a battle that took place on the moon. Besides having legs and machine guns for hands, it seemed to be pretty similar to his previous model until it took on a second, more powerful form, achieved by docking itself into another contraption. This enabled the mech to shoot more powerful projectiles. Coco's piloting skills still proved to be the mech's downfall in the end.


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