• Species: Rat + Icicle
  • Mutant Class: Strong
  • Alignment: Variable


The Ratcicle is a cold, cold mutant with great strength and the ability to create ice. He can freeze his foes and any large bodies of water, as well as create an ice path for him to slide across.

Over time, Ratcicles formed their own kingdom in Wumpa Island's frozen coast, where they live in harmony. They're led by a warrior, and the place was designed by their architect, who has a tendency to speak in gibberish unless he actually cares about who he's talking to. A female Ratcicle acts as his assistant and translates for him. The place is kept tidy by an old, bearded janitor.


Crash of the Titans

The original design.

Crash: Mind Over Mutant

The Ratcicle is now taller, stronger-looking, and lighter in color. He has visible fur and bigger hands, but no Cortex belt.

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