Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back - PAL

Tiny's Name
Tiny's Name

Tiny's Name

The original NTSC-US version of the game lists Tiny's name as "Taz Tiger" in the Pause Screen, indicating they forgot to put in his final name before the game was released. This was fixed for the PAL version.

Belly Flop

The belly flop has a doubled effect radius compared to the NTSC versions. It covers 4 crates in length rather than 2.

Turtle Woods Crate Wall

About halfway through the level, there are 2 horizontal lines of crates blocking the exit out of a small monolith. It can be very hard to jump over and not break any of them in the NTSC-US version, but it's simple in the PAL version. The reason this is important is because of the blue gem, which requires you to not break any crates in this level.

Shield Lab Assistants

In the space station levels, these guys push slower.

Jetpack Lab Assistant Glitch

It's now possible to go through the jet-pack Lab Assistants by spinning them once while thrusting forward. The fire wall does nothing to impede Crash's progress.

Rock It Warp

Crash doesn't display his warping animation when appearing in the Rock It level. For some reason, this also happens in the gameplay demo of the NTSC-US version, when you leave the game idle at the title screen.

Mercy Masks

Unlike the NTSC-U version, you can't get 2 masks if you die too many times on the same checkpoint.

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