Crash Bandicoot 2: N-Tranced - Levels

Island 1

1. Island Intro
CrystalClear GemCrates x 23

Time Trial
Sapphire Relic0'26''40 Gold Relic0'24''00 Platinum Relic0'12''80
2. Prints of Persia
CrystalClear GemGreen ShardCrates x 29

Time Trial
Sapphire Relic0'36''20 Gold Relic0'32''90 Platinum Relic0'28''90
3. Lagoony Tunes
CrystalClear GemCrates x 49

Time Trial
Sapphire Relic1'20''70 Gold Relic1'13''40 Platinum Relic1'05''70
4. Globe Trottin'
CrystalClear GemCrates x 112

Time Trial
Sapphire Relic0'45''20 Gold Relic0'41''10 Platinum Relic0'31''50
5. Pharaoh's Funhouse
CrystalClear GemRed ShardCrates x 54

Time Trial
Sapphire Relic0'33''40 Gold Relic0'30''40 Platinum Relic0'18''80
6. Runaway Rug
CrystalClear GemGreen ShardCrates x 62

Time Trial
Sapphire Relic1'01''80 Gold Relic0'56''20 Platinum Relic0'47''60
Evil Crunch
Super PowerSuper Slide

Island 2

7. Tiki Torture
CrystalClear GemBlue ShardCrates x 57

Time Trial
Sapphire Relic0'27''40 Gold Relic0'24''90 Platinum Relic0'19''60
8. Hoppin' Coffins
CrystalClear GemRed ShardCrates x 71

Time Trial
Sapphire Relic1'04''50 Gold Relic0'58''60 Platinum Relic0'49''70
9. Barrel Roll
CrystalClear GemCrates x 101

Time Trial
Sapphire Relic1'18''30 Gold Relic1'11''20 Platinum Relic1'07''00
10. Flockful of Seagulls
CrystalClear GemCrates x 30

Time Trial
Sapphire Relic1'23''50 Gold Relic1'15''90 Platinum Relic1'12''50
11. Magma Mania
CrystalClear GemBlue ShardCrates x 73

Time Trial
Sapphire Relic1'00''10 Gold Relic0'54''60 Platinum Relic0'47''60
Evil Coco
Super PowerRocket Jump

Island 3

12. Run From the Sun
CrystalClear GemCrates x 21

Time Trial
Sapphire Relic1'45''50 Gold Relic1'35''90 Platinum Relic1'31''10
13. Now It's Istanbul
CrystalClear GemGreen ShardCrates x 92

Time Trial
Sapphire Relic1'10''60 Gold Relic1'04''20 Platinum Relic0'58''30
14. Mister Lava Lava
CrystalClear GemBlue ShardCrates x 89

Time Trial
Sapphire Relic1'04''00 Gold Relic0'58''20 Platinum Relic0'50''90
15. Water Logged
CrystalClear GemCrates x 25

Time Trial
Sapphire Relic0'58''10 Gold Relic0'52''80 Platinum Relic0'46''10
16. Slip-N-Slidin' Sphinx
CrystalClear GemRed ShardCrates x 91

Time Trial
Sapphire Relic0'53''80 Gold Relic0'48''90 Platinum Relic0'43''50
Fake Crash
Super PowerDeath Tornado

Island 4

17. Rocks Can Roll
CrystalClear GemCrates x 114

Time Trial
Sapphire Relic1'10''40 Gold Relic1'04''00 Platinum Relic0'55''70
18. Rock the Casaba
CrystalClear GemGreen ShardCrates x 109

Time Trial
Sapphire Relic1'20''90 Gold Relic1'13''50 Platinum Relic0'58''90
19. Eruption Disruption
CrystalClear GemBlue ShardCrates x 108

Time Trial
Sapphire Relic1'05''90 Gold Relic0'59''90 Platinum Relic0'50''30
20. Spaced Out
CrystalClear GemCrates x 25

Time Trial
Sapphire Relic3'06''20 Gold Relic2'49''30 Platinum Relic2'30''90
21. King Too Uncommon
CrystalClear GemRed ShardCrates x 91

Time Trial
Sapphire Relic0'58''40 Gold Relic0'53''10 Platinum Relic0'50''70
N. Trance
Super PowerCrash Dash


22. Wild Nile Ride
Clear GemRed GemCrates x 97

Time Trial
Sapphire Relic1'24''60 Gold Relic1'16''90 Platinum Relic0'45''90
23. 101 Arabian Kites
Clear GemGreen GemCrates x 64

Time Trial
Sapphire Relic1'52''10 Gold Relic1'41''90 Platinum Relic1'06''70
24. Fire Walker
Clear GemBlue GemCrates x 115

Time Trial
Sapphire Relic1'38''60 Gold Relic1'29''60 Platinum Relic1'20''50
N. Tropy

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