Crash Bandicoot 2: N-Tranced - Story

Deep in the heart of Hyperspace, the evil Uka Uka rambles about how Cortex's last scheme of shrinking the Earth failed miserably. He decides to give someone else the chance to help him taking over the world, so he chooses one of his oldest allies, Dr. Nefarious Tropy.

This master of time looks into the future and sees the unpleasant sight of him getting captured by the bandicoots who keep foiling Uka Uka's plans. In order to prevent this outcome, he decides to remove them from the equation by making them join his side, and he knows just the right person for the job – N. Trance, the egg-shaped hypnotist from the 5th Dimension.

Just outside Crash's house, his sister Coco and their friend Crunch are suddenly surrounded by a bright light and taken to Hyperspace, where they face N. Tropy and N. Trance. Crash almost suffers the same fate, but Aku Aku uses up all of his strength to save him. In his place, a similar bandicoot is captured instead, but the abductors don't seem to notice the difference and N. Trance proceeds to hypnotize all three of the captive bandicoots.

Right when N. Tropy thinks he's won, Aku Aku takes Crash to a different part of Hyperspace to find Coco and Crunch. Unbeknownst to them, their friends and the mysterious Crash lookalike are already serving the opposite side, and they're going to try and stop Crash by whatever means necessary. It's up to Crash to rescue them, defeat the evil duo, and save the day.

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