Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy - Levels (Crash Bandicoot: WARPED)

Note: For early copies of the PlayStation 4 release, the extra level Future Tense must be downloaded separately from the PlayStation Store.

Warp Room 1

1. Toad Village
CrystalClear GemCrates x 42

Time Trial
Sapphire Relic1'03''00 Gold Relic0'57''50 Platinum Relic0'44''03 Developer Time0'39''83
2. Under Pressure
CrystalClear GemCrates x 92

Time Trial
Sapphire Relic1'39''00 Gold Relic1'10''90 Platinum Relic1'03''50 Developer Time1'01''59
3. Orient Express
CrystalClear GemCrates x 51

Time Trial
Sapphire Relic0'41''00 Gold Relic0'27''80 Platinum Relic0'18''10 Developer Time0'12''06
4. Bone Yard
CrystalClear GemClear GemCrates x 66

Time Trial
Sapphire Relic1'45''00 Gold Relic1'40''20 Platinum Relic1'21''00 Developer Time1'14''61
5. Makin' Waves
CrystalClear GemCrates x 37

Time Trial
Sapphire Relic1'11''00 Gold Relic1'03''23 Platinum Relic0'56''23 Developer Time0'55''05
Tiny Tiger
Super PowerSuper Belly Flop

Warp Room 2

6. Gee Wiz
CrystalClear GemCrates x 100

Time Trial
Sapphire Relic1'35''00 Gold Relic1'22''73 Platinum Relic1'05''90 Developer Time1'02''15
7. Hang 'em High
CrystalClear GemYellow GemCrates x 95

Time Trial
Sapphire Relic1'24''00 Gold Relic0'52''63 Platinum Relic0'43''80 Developer Time0'39''68
8. Hog Ride
CrystalClear GemCrates x 13

Time Trial
Sapphire Relic0'48''00 Gold Relic0'44''43 Platinum Relic0'38''06 Developer Time0'36''43
9. Tomb Time
CrystalClear GemClear GemCrates x 95

Time Trial
Sapphire Relic1'42''00 Gold Relic1'10''00 Platinum Relic0'53''90 Developer Time0'53''36
10. Midnight Run
CrystalClear GemCrates x 35

Time Trial
Sapphire Relic0'51''00 Gold Relic0'38''23 Platinum Relic0'18''20 Developer Time0'14''03
Super PowerDouble Jump

Warp Room 3

11. Dino Might!
CrystalClear GemClear GemCrates x 112

Time Trial
Sapphire Relic1'34''00 Gold Relic1'25''76 Platinum Relic1'03''00 Developer Time0'58''14
12. Deep Trouble
CrystalClear GemRed GemCrates x 83

Time Trial
Sapphire Relic1'37''00 Gold Relic1'15''12 Platinum Relic1'08''33 Developer Time1'05''00
13. High Time
CrystalClear GemPurple GemCrates x 85

Time Trial
Sapphire Relic2'12''00 Gold Relic1'04''10 Platinum Relic0'56''93 Developer Time0'48''26
14. Road Crash
CrystalClear GemCrates x 25

Time Trial
Sapphire Relic1'31''00 Gold Relic1'26''70 Platinum Relic1'23''10 Developer Time1'20''21
15. Double Header
CrystalClear GemCrates x 91

Time Trial
Sapphire Relic1'27''00 Gold Relic1'21''12 Platinum Relic0'59''40 Developer Time0'53''43
N. Tropy
Super PowerDeath Tornado

Warp Room 4

16. Sphynxinator
CrystalClear GemClear GemCrates x 105

Time Trial
Sapphire Relic1'42''00 Gold Relic1'22''63 Platinum Relic0'56''70 Developer Time0'53''43
17. Bye Bye Blimps
CrystalClear GemCrates x 11

Time Trial
Sapphire Relic0'49''00 Gold Relic0'38''40 Platinum Relic0'31''50 Developer Time0'25''69
18. Tell No Tales
CrystalClear GemCrates x 61

Time Trial
Sapphire Relic2'12''00 Gold Relic1'35''63 Platinum Relic1'15''23 Developer Time1'12''80
19. Future Frenzy
CrystalClear GemClear GemCrates x 134

Time Trial
Sapphire Relic2'01''00 Gold Relic1'34''00 Platinum Relic1'19''62 Developer Time1'08''00
20. Tomb Wader
CrystalClear GemBlue GemCrates x 88

Time Trial
Sapphire Relic2'44''00 Gold Relic1'45''03 Platinum Relic1'24''00 Developer Time1'16''51
N. Gin
Super PowerFruit Bazooka

Warp Room 5

21. Gone Tomorrow
CrystalClear GemClear GemCrates x 87

Time Trial
Sapphire Relic2'05''00 Gold Relic1'25''60 Platinum Relic1'02''10 Developer Time0'58''70
22. Orange Asphalt
CrystalClear GemCrates x 20

Time Trial
Sapphire Relic1'38''00 Gold Relic1'33''30 Platinum Relic1'23''80 Developer Time1'18''68
23. Flaming Passion
CrystalClear GemGreen GemCrates x 75

Time Trial
Sapphire Relic1'43''00 Gold Relic1'13''10 Platinum Relic0'59''40 Developer Time0'53''81
24. Mad Bombers
CrystalClear GemCrates x 11

Time Trial
Sapphire Relic2'18''00 Gold Relic1'15''23 Platinum Relic0'58''13 Developer Time0'42''50
25. Bug Lite
CrystalClear GemClear GemCrates x 120

Time Trial
Sapphire Relic1'49''00 Gold Relic1'34''86 Platinum Relic1'14''90 Developer Time1'12''90
Dr. Neo Cortex
Super PowerCrash Dash

Warp Room 6

26. Ski Crazed
Clear GemCrates x 100

Time Trial
Sapphire Relic1'19''00 Gold Relic0'53''50 Platinum Relic0'36''30 Developer Time0'32''06
28. Area 51?
Clear GemClear GemCrates x 24

Time Trial
Sapphire Relic2'01''00 Gold Relic1'57''80 Platinum Relic1'52''50 Developer Time1'48''40
30. Rings of Power
Clear GemClear GemCrates x 33

Time Trial
Sapphire Relic1'30''00 Gold Relic1'11''46 Platinum Relic1'01''73 Developer Time0'57''42

Extra Warp Room

31. Future Tense
Clear GemClear GemCrates x 145

Time Trial
Sapphire Relic2'01''52 Gold Relic1'15''43 Platinum Relic0'52''17 Developer Time0'41''26

Secret Levels

Hot Coco
Clear GemCrates x 70Developer Time0'12''87
Eggipus Rex
Clear GemDeveloper Time0'45''57

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