Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy - Levels (Crash Bandicoot)

Note: For early copies of the PlayStation 4 release, the extra level Stormy Ascent must be downloaded separately from the PlayStation Store.

Island 1

N. Sanity Beach
Clear GemCrates x 49

Time Trial
Sapphire Relic0'34''00 Gold Relic0'28''26 Platinum Relic0'25''76 Developer Time0'22''98
Jungle Rollers
Clear GemCrates x 43

Time Trial
Sapphire Relic1'03''00 Gold Relic0'48''12 Platinum Relic0'46''89 Developer Time0'42''16
The Great Gate
Clear GemCrates x 38

Time Trial
Sapphire Relic1'05''00 Gold Relic0'53''29 Platinum Relic0'48''07 Developer Time0'43''67
Clear GemCrates x 16

Time Trial
Sapphire Relic1'04''00 Gold Relic0'49''44 Platinum Relic0'47''48 Developer Time0'46''11
Clear GemCrates x 36

Time Trial
Sapphire Relic1'03''00 Gold Relic0'49''95 Platinum Relic0'46''51 Developer Time0'44''21
Papu Papu
Rolling Stones
Clear GemCrates x 87

Time Trial
Sapphire Relic1'04''00 Gold Relic0'50''35 Platinum Relic0'46''49 Developer Time0'41''67
Hog Wild
Clear GemCrates x 48

Time Trial
Sapphire Relic0'55''00 Gold Relic0'47''53 Platinum Relic0'43''42 Developer Time0'41''33
Native Fortress
Clear GemCrates x 40

Time Trial
Sapphire Relic2'55''00 Gold Relic2'25''87 Platinum Relic2'05''80 Developer Time1'57''29

Island 2

Up the Creek
Clear GemCrates x 48

Time Trial
Sapphire Relic1'42''00 Gold Relic1'20''25 Platinum Relic1'16''31 Developer Time1'12''64
Ripper Roo
The Lost City
Green GemCrates x 82

Time Trial
Sapphire Relic2'35''00 Gold Relic1'56''12 Platinum Relic1'40''52 Developer Time1'36''70
Temple Ruins
Clear GemCrates x 67

Time Trial
Sapphire Relic2'11''00 Gold Relic1'32''61 Platinum Relic1'25''34 Developer Time1'19''04
Road to Nowhere
Clear GemCrates x 42

Time Trial
Sapphire Relic1'24''00 Gold Relic1'03''26 Platinum Relic0'57''85 Developer Time0'51''65
Boulder Dash
Clear GemCrates x 35

Time Trial
Sapphire Relic1'45''00 Gold Relic1'24''61 Platinum Relic1'18''08 Developer Time1'15''55
Whole Hog
Clear GemCrates x 24

Time Trial
Sapphire Relic0'48''00 Gold Relic0'30''44 Platinum Relic0'26''87 Developer Time0'25''82
Sunset Vista
Clear GemCrates x 90Key

Time Trial
Sapphire Relic5'30''00 Gold Relic4'10''04 Platinum Relic3'41''85 Developer Time3'22''26
Koala Kong

Island 3

Heavy Machinery
Clear GemCrates x 86

Time Trial
Sapphire Relic2'20''00 Gold Relic1'57''52 Platinum Relic1'36''29 Developer Time1'28''56
Cortex Power
Clear GemCrates x 42

Time Trial
Sapphire Relic1'05''00 Gold Relic0'43''98 Platinum Relic0'39''70 Developer Time0'33''29
Generator Room
Orange GemCrates x 52

Time Trial
Sapphire Relic1'22''00 Gold Relic1'08''37 Platinum Relic0'59''72 Developer Time0'53''75
Toxic Waste
Blue GemCrates x 39

Time Trial
Sapphire Relic1'16''00 Gold Relic1'03''47 Platinum Relic0'55''75 Developer Time0'52''31
Pinstripe Potoroo
The High Road
Clear GemCrates x 45

Time Trial
Sapphire Relic1'28''00 Gold Relic1'13''29 Platinum Relic1'04''61 Developer Time1'00''42
Slippery Climb
Pink GemCrates x 51

Time Trial
Sapphire Relic3'30''00 Gold Relic3'00''47 Platinum Relic2'26''08 Developer Time2'19''17
Lights Out
Purple GemCrates x 15

Time Trial
Sapphire Relic1'31''00 Gold Relic1'20''67 Platinum Relic1'06''87 Developer Time1'02''58
Fumbling in the Dark
Clear GemCrates x 18

Time Trial
Sapphire Relic2'28''00 Gold Relic1'57''68 Platinum Relic1'41''59 Developer Time1'26''94
Jaws of Darkness
Clear GemCrates x 112Key

Time Trial
Sapphire Relic2'21''00 Gold Relic1'59''21 Platinum Relic1'36''26 Developer Time1'36''07
Castle Machinery
Clear GemCrates x 27

Time Trial
Sapphire Relic3'15''00 Gold Relic2'37''61 Platinum Relic2'09''89 Developer Time2'05''85
Dr. Nitrus Brio
The Lab
Yellow GemCrates x 36

Time Trial
Sapphire Relic1'20''00 Gold Relic0'56''22 Platinum Relic0'44''92 Developer Time0'42''70
The Great Hall
Dr. Neo Cortex
Stormy Ascent
Clear GemCrates x 56

Time Trial
Sapphire Relic7'00''00 Gold Relic4'30''00 Platinum Relic3'10''00 Developer Time2'55''73

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