Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex - Story

Uka Uka is none too pleased with his lackeys' recent performance, so he holds up a bad guy convention inside a space station that's orbiting the planet. The attendants are Cortex, N. Gin, N. Tropy, Tiny, and Dingodile. Cortex, of course, is quick to name his usual scapegoat, Crash Bandicoot. N. Tropy remembers that Cortex has been doing an experiment in his laboratory as of late, but despite Cortex's best efforts to cover it up, he fails to shut up N. Gin's loud confirmation of this. Cortex is left with no choice but to reveal that he has a new weapon, but it currently lacks a power source. Uka Uka then remembers something.

Long ago, four renegade masks known as the Elementals had control over the Earth's elements, but they were forced into a hibernation state by the Ancient Ancestors a long time ago to stop them from wreaking havoc. Rok-Ko, the earth Elemental, has the power to produce landslides and earthquakes. Wa-Wa, who has the power of water, has been known to summon storms and tsunamis on a whim. The wind Elemental, Lo-Lo, thinks nothing more of tornados than simple jokes. The fiercest of them all, Py-Ro, has a fiery temper that can burn anything to ashes. With these powers at their disposal, Uka Uka and Cortex could power their new weapon and take over the world.

Meanwhile, Crash, Coco, Aku Aku, and Pura are enjoying some time off at the beach. It isn't long until a volcano suddenly erupts and a rain storm takes place, causing the ocean to attack the bandicoots with a large wave. Aku Aku suspects this might be the work of his brother, so he instructs the bandicoots to return home as he sets out to get some answers.

When Aku Aku meets up with Uka Uka, he is shocked to find that his evil sibling is joined by the Elementals. Aku Aku tries to convince him that they're too dangerous and unpredictable, but the only response he gets is an all-out attack from the Elementals themselves. After barely escaping, Aku Aku returns home to inform Crash and Coco of the situation. He also explains that the Elementals can be returned back to their hibernation state with the help of five special crystals each.

In order to get to the crystals, they head inside Coco's latest creation: the VR Hub System. This large station can instantly warp them to any place around the planet, and it's the key to stopping the Elementals. Before they set off on their journey, Crash, Coco, and Aku Aku are greeted by Cortex, who communicates with them from afar through Coco's computer screen. He gives them a brief introduction of his new weapon: a super-strong bandicoot named Crunch. With the power of the Elementals, Cortex plans to make Crunch even stronger and eliminate Crash. Has our hero finally met his match?

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