Crash Bash - Regional Differences


Title Screen and Music

Title Screen and Music

As usual, the logo and the title screen were remade. The music from the main menu is Crash Banjy-Kyusuu ~Carnival 2000 Mix~.

Fake Crash

Fake Crash

Fake Crash appears as a playable character in this version. He is a neutral character and is only playable in the Battle and Tournament modes via cheat code (which you get after you beat the Bearminator). He plays and moves just like Crash, but he has his own separate voice.

Character Icons

Character Icons

All of the character icons were changed, including bosses.


All of the character voices excluding Koala Kong's were redone by the Japanese actors from the previous games.

Crash Dash Music

(contributed by Crashspyro150)

The music in these mini-games is no longer a recreation of Dingodile's theme from Crash Bandicoot 3. It was replaced with a modified version of Jacques Offenbach's famous Can Can music.

Secrets From the Past

(contributed by Zoton2)

This version contains 2 unlockable videos that show many of the previous games' secrets.


Finishing Adventure mode shows an epilogue message for your character and an accompanying picture.


During the credits, a text message appears and shoehorns Tawna into the story. Here is a rough translation provided by Ghakimx:

Uka was sealed away thanks to Crash! Hopefully... forever.
Great job, Crash!
That voice... could it be Tawna?
Tawna, Crash's former lover, appears in front of him.
Crash punches himself in disbelief.
Even if this were a dream, he may not wake up from it!
The  End

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