Crash: Boom, Bang! - Story

The Viscount is a very rich and ambitious man. He has spent his life chasing after his grandfather's dream: the elusive Super Big Power Crystal. This mighty jewel will grant one wish to whoever touches it, but its whereabouts remain a mystery.

During a dark and stormy night, the Viscount cooks up a plan to help him find the crystal. He will use his money to organize a worldwide Cannonball Race. All of it is actually just an elaborate scheme to have other people finding the crystal for him, and he knows the perfect team for the job. After mailing Crash, Cortex and a few other familiar faces, the chosen participants are delighted by the large sum of cash being offered to the winner – $100 000 000!

After everyone meets up in the Viscount's city, a mad race for the money begins, with its unsuspecting contestants bringing the Viscount one step closer to finding the key to his ambitions.

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