Crash: Mind Over Mutant - PlayStation 2

Playable Coco

Coco is only playable in the Wii and Xbox 360 versions of the game. In the PlayStation 2 version, the second player can only control Carbon Crash like in Crash of the Titans due to the console's technical limitations.

Hero Titans

Hero Titans

(contributed by Smaz)

The Hero Titans don't have the different garments in this version, and are instead simply colored differently (oddly, the Hero Ratcicle has his usual armor in his introductory cutscene). Though this could be attributed to technical limitations, it's worth noting that that PlayStation Portable version retains the Hero outfits, despite being even more limited than the PlayStation 2.

Additionally, the Hero Ratcicle's shadow is glitched up, as shown in the picture.


This version suffers from a glitch when you get to the Yuktopus in "Bonkers!" difficulty. Instead of just 1 Yuktopus, there will be 2 of them. The first one will attack you as usual, while the other one will remain sitting down, even if you attack him.

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