Crash: Mind Over Mutant - PlayStation Portable


(contributed by ConceptWindow)

As usual, the PSP version suffers from several graphical downgrades compared to the other consoles (this time moreso than usual):

  • The backgrounds and textures are extremely blurry.
  • Many elements in the scenery won't show up until you're close to them, and some have very little detail.
  • The cutscenes that use the game's graphics engine are badly animated
  • The character models have lost detail and gained inconsistencies



(contributed by Pablo Barbará and Mychael)

This version is more segmented than the others. For example, you have to enter a rocket to let the game load the rest of the area after finding N. Gin, and some areas are interconnected through caves that weren't there before.

Sound Effects

(contributed by ConceptWindow)

Like in the PSP version of Crash of the Titans, many sound effects are missing, such as those used for attacks.

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