CTR: Crash Team Racing - Review Copy

Before a game is released, a copy is usually sent to professional reviewers so they can prepare an article about the game beforehand. Review copies are usually identical (if not exactly the same) as the respective commercial releases, but sometimes there is still work put into the games after they're sent to reviewers.

Crash Team Racing's review copy was leaked to the public in 2012. Though it's mostly complete, it features a lot of small differences from the final release, with some elements having been changed and others removed altogether.

Starting the Game

  • The intro sequence before you get to the menu is animated the same way, but the music is a shorter, different version, and Clancy Brown doesn't announce the publisher and developer identities.
  • After the intro, the game automatically shows the story cutscene you'd usually only get to see by leaving the main menu idle.

Character Icons and Fonts
Character Icons and Fonts

Character Icons and Fonts

Some character icons were changed, as well as the font for the character select menu. These were Crash, Coco, N. Tropy, Tiny, Pinstripe, Polar and Papu Papu. Pinstripe and Penta also used to be switched in order with each other. The left screenshot is from the review copy and the right one is from final version.

Also note that the small font was used in the character select screen.

Note: The letters only appear darker than usual due to an emulation bug.

Starting Adventure Mode

  • When choosing your character for Adventure Mode, Pura turns a bit slower when he's running in circles.
  • Polar's eyes are messed up.
  • There are no character sounds whatsoever.
  • If you cancel after choosing a character, the screen doesn't flash white and instantly return the character to his/her position as usual. Instead, they actually reverse their animations for being chosen. This actually doesn't look too bad apart from N. Gin, who looks weird because his animation is hitting his thumb with a hammer.
  • There are no stats shown for any character.
  • Some camera angles are different when you choose a character.
  • The sound effect for switching between characters is the same as moving the selection in a menu.


The loading screen lacks the "LOADING..." notice.

Warp Vortexes

(contributed by Thomas Gann)

The colored floor around each warp vortex in Adventure Mode has a checkered pattern. You can actually see this in a screenshot from the NTSC-U version's manual. This was removed because the PlayStation doesn't seem to handle them well, as the game struggles to display all the details on screen and several polygons just go disappearing.

Extended Epilogue

(contributed by Thomas Gann)

Fake Crash and Penta Penguin actually have an epilogue in this version, just like everyone else:

  • "Fake Crash still contends he is the real Crash Bandicoot. Submitting to a DNA test on 'The Jimmy Spranger Show.' The test results were destroyed when Fake Crash tried to dance, and the show erupted into a brawl."
  • "Penta Penguin became a news weatherman for one of the big three networks. Sporting a groomed look and great screen presence, he gleefully predicts an impending new ice age each night. Ratings are up!"

N. Gin Labs Gizmos

N. Gin Labs Gizmos

(contributed by Thomas Gann and Crashratchet008)

These tall, yellow laboratory devices could be seen in N. Gin Labs. They're not present in the final version.

Platinum Relics

(contributed by Thomas Gann)

The Platinum time records on all of the tracks are exactly 15 seconds less than the Sapphire records, which makes them all very easy to obtain.

Hot Air Fall

(contributed by Gangxxter)

If you fall down during the big jump near the beginning of the Hot Air Skyway, the fall lasts a lot longer until your mask comes to grab you.


(contributed by CrashRatchet008 and Lucas Borges)

When you race against Nitros Oxide, he uses a variety of different weapons like in the final version, but after the second lap, he starts using bombs only. He also doesn't spin out of control when you hit him with a weapon, making the race harder.

Sound Effects and Removed Lines

(contributed by Thomas Gann and Devilbeast)
  • Some characters have more lines than in the final version, including some grunts and, more interestingly, comments according to which place they finish in. Not all of these lines were done, as some are just placeholders with one of the developers' voice, who says things like "Tiny finishes 2nd" (this voice is the same as the one in the final NTSC-U version that says "Penguin yay 1" and "Penguin yay 2" when using Penta Penguin, as he was never finished before that version was released). Since a lot of these lines were missing, this feature was probably removed because there was no time to record them all until the game was released.
  • There are no lines for when a character jumps from a great height.
  • A different sound is heard when you get 10 Wumpa fruits.
  • A lot of sound effects are missing.

Pinstripe Cutscene

(contributed by CrashRatchet008)

When you beat Pinstripe, the next cutscene shows him talking to you in Gem Valley instead of Citadel City, and his head is turned to the right.

Completion Percentage

(contributed by Thomas Gann)

It's only possible to get up to 100% (as opposed to 101%) due to not getting a second star when you beat Oxide after getting all the Relics.

Blabbermouth Masks

(contributed by Thomas Gann)

It's impossible to skip Aku Aku/Uka Uka's hints during Adventure Mode.

Object Placement

Some fruits and boxes are placed differently.


There are several minor glitches throughout the game, affecting graphics, sound and sometimes gameplay.

Cheat Codes

(contributed by Hacc)

Cheat codes are present in this version, but their inputs are all different from the final version. They always end in Square and don't require you to hold down L1 and R1.

  • Spyro 2 Demo: L1, R1, L1, R1, Left, Right, Left, Right, Square.
  • Unlimited Wumpa Fruit: Up, Up, Down, Down, Square.
  • Unlock Ripper Roo: Up, Down, Left, Right, Square.
  • Unlock Papu Papu: Down, Up, Right, Left, Square.
  • Unlock Komodo Joe: Left, Up, Right, Down, Square.
  • Unlock Pinstripe: Right, Up, Left, Down, Square.
  • Unlock Fake Crash: Right, Right, Down, Down, Square.

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