Crash Twinsanity - Regional Differences - PAL

100% Bonus Movie

Collecting every gem in the game unlocks a bonus movie. In NTSC-U regions, the movie shows Crash and Cortex in therapy. PAL players have to settle for a short, mute compilation of Crash doing combat moves.

A Hero's Trailer

The NTSC-U version features a trailer for Spyro: A Hero's Tail in the extras menu, which is unlocked from the start. It's missing from the PAL and NTSC-J versions entirely.

Evil Cockroach

The PlayStation 2 version in PAL and NTSC-J regions has a notorious glitch where Evil Crash runs around in circles instead of chasing Cortex in Bandicoot Pursuit. This doesn't affect the gameplay, but it does look rather silly.

FMV Speed

The FMV cutscenes were slown down for the PlayStation 2 version in PAL regions.

Idle Gameplay Trailer

The gameplay trailer that plays if you leave the game idle at the start screen differs slightly from the one in the NTSC-U version.


The fonts are slightly smaller in the HUD.

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