Crash Twinsanity - Screenshots

The following screenshots were taken using an emulator and do not reflect the experience provided by genuine hardware.

All screenshots courtesy of Alen (a.k.a. Cake).

N. Sanity Island

Jungle Bungle

Cortex / Mecha-Bandicoot (Boss)

Cavern Catastrophe

Totem Hokum

Tikimon (Boss)

Iceberg Lab

Ice Climb

Uka Uka (Boss)

Slip Slide Ice-Capades

High Seas Hi-jinks

Henchmania (Boss)

Academy of Evil

Boiler Room Doom

Dingodile (Boss)

Classroom Chaos

Rooftop Rampage

Madame Amberly (Boss)

Twinsanity Island

Rock-Slide Rumble

Bandicoot Pursuit

Ant Agony

The Evil Twins (Boss)

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