Crash Twinsanity - Totem Hokum

Only the Doc Amok segment of Totem Hokum is playable. It's the level with the least differences in the demo.

Narrator's Description

"Poor Dr. Cortex. His plans in ruins... Just when he's on his knees, Mother Nature kicks him in the... uh, you know where. Crash must race to keep his sworn enemy safe from harm! Why? Find out as we endure Totem Hokum!"

Provisory Voice Actor

Cortex's voice in this level's cutscenes use a provisory voice actor instead of Lex Lang. He sounds more like Clancy Brown's take on the character, but all of these lines sound kind of muffled.



There aren't any mid-chase cutscenes, which means the beehive (considerably larger in this demo, to the point of clipping through mantraps) simply pops up around Cortex's head. Worse yet, it also pops out once the bear shows up, which means there's no real reason for him to chase Cortex to begin with.

Bad Bear

Dropping a weight on the bear causes him to maul Cortex, making you lose a life. In the final version, the weight just clips right through the bear.



When you get to the end, Cortex simply shouts and the demo ends. Papu Papu and the tribesmen aren't there (although they're shown in this version of the cutscene in some pre-release material), so it's a bit less ceremonious and jiggly.

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