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This boring page is here as an effort to be fully transparent with how Crash Mania uses your information. For the most part, it's only here because of obtuse laws like the EU Cookie Directive. Seriously, this is a fan site about a goofy video game animal that breaks crates. There's not a whole lot you should be concerned about.

Personal Information

No personal information is stored, collected or shared.

Google Analytics is used for anonymous statistics. This is common practice around the Internet because it's these numbers that let site owners figure out what people like and which browsers development should be spent on. In short, this information will be used to continue improving your visiting experience.


Besides being a delicious snack that should be consumed moderately, cookies are also tiny text files stored by your web browser with varying types of data. You can turn them off using your browser's options, but your visits here will be less enjoyable as a result.

Here is a list of the cookies used in Crash Mania:

  • cookie_warning_off: This turns off that annoying warning at the top of the page once you're okay with cookies.
  • PHPSESSID: A short-term session cookie that is automatically deleted from your browser whenever you close it. It prevents you from having to log in every time you click any link. That'd be pretty annoying, wouldn't it?
  • login: This cookie is created upon logging in if you tell the site to remember your session. After you close the browser, the site remembers you from your last visit, saving you the hassle of having to log in again. Don't worry, your password isn't actually stored in the cookie. Thank you, science!
  • font_size: Whenever you use the site's built-in font size option, this cookie remembers your preference the next time you visit.
  • _ga, _gat, _gali: These funnily-named cookies are deployed by Google Analytics to obtain anonymous statistics regarding which pages you've visited, which browser you're using, the country you live in, and a rough estimate of your age and gender based on browsing tendencies. Most sites you visit are likely to contain these cookies, and you can read up on Google's cookie policy if you'd like to know more. This lets Crash Mania's growth become more focused and makes it easier for the site to reach more Crash fans. Want to make my life more difficult? Then click this link to opt out.
  • __atuvc, __atuvs: Cookies provided by the AddThis service to enable sharing buttons on each page. More information can be found in their site.

External Links

The external links in this site (usually marked with a little crate with an arrow pointing right) should be relevant to the context they're in and safe for use. That said, keep in mind that this privacy policy doesn't necessarily apply to the sites these external links lead to, and neither Crash Mania nor its owner can be held liable for any damage or implications caused by using them. It's your responsibility if you click one of these links and your refrigerator explodes.

Social Media Platforms

You'll come across some sharing buttons when you click this symbol: When you use them, the respective social networks (like Facebook or Twitter) may track and save your requests to share content. This should be no different from using your account on each platform and sharing the content manually. Additionally, if you link one of your social accounts to Crash Mania, the email address you use there may be internally stored in the site's database for registration and login purposes only. Your email address will never be shared or publicly displayed.

Contact and Communication

Feel free to send the site owner a message, but don't send any personal information you might be concerned about. It's not that he's going to do anything with it, but he also doesn't need it. Simple!

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