Record Book

The Record Book was once an online leaderboard for Crash Bandicoot fans around the globe to submit their personal achievements. It was closed in July 2020 due to inactivity, but an archive of the records submitted until then can be seen here.

Crash Nitro Kart | Relic Race


Level1st placeRecord
Inferno Islandsehzadei0'45''37
Jungle BoogieNerv_Mario0'44''91
Tiny TempleNerv_Mario1'10''40
Meteor GorgeNerv_Mario0'54''50
Barin RuinsNerv_Mario1'13''18
Deep Sea DrivingNoChoice1'21''93
Out of TimeNoChoice1'12''11
Clockwork WumpaCrashspyro1501'41''77
Thunder StruckNoChoice2'01''02
Assembly LaneNoChoice1'26''54
Android AlleyNoChoice1'36''79
Electron AvenueNoChoice2'21''70
Hyper SpacewayNoChoice2'40''75

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