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Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart 3D - Time Trial

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Level1st placeRecord
Egypt Course 1DingodilePolar50'53''88
Outer Space Course 1alpha-plus0'34''95
Adventure Course 1alpha-plus2'12''68
Grassland Course 1alpha-plus2'58''80
Adventure Course 2alpha-plus1'34''59
Egypt Course 2alpha-plus1'32''93
Outer Space Course 2alpha-plus2'32''30
Grassland Course 2alpha-plus1'39''95
Egypt Course 3alpha-plus1'48''60
Outer Space Course 3alpha-plus3'19''48
Adventure Course 3alpha-plus1'36''25
Grassland Course 3alpha-plus1'49''85

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