Crash Bandicoot Untold Story - July 23

Dave Siller
Tension was heighten at Universal as they bought from me an IP that I had created at SUNSOFT called "Aero the Acrobat". I had just bought it from Sunsoft as I departed there for the Universal lot!

Rubin and Gavin again went on the extreme offensive believing that Universal's new acquisition would become more important than Crash or Willy.

I began also designing the new AERO 3D polygonal video game to be added to the line-up.


Dave Siller
Divorce - part 2

As mentioned in an earlier response, I hired Mark Mothersbaugh and his Mutato Muzika operation to do the music for Crash Bandicoot. the Naughty Dog guys went snowboarding and didn't want to get involved with this, except to try to b**** slap me. I got his contact from someone else at Universal Studios through Rob Biniaz contacts. Mark came to our offices and was wearing a frilly brown coat and green sunglasses, but he was cool. We hit it off, so I hired him. I then prepared and sent him an outline and description of the type of music we wanted. He and his group nailed it! I sent him a message telling him how much we loved the new culture pop music they were creating. The following days later, as I came to work, Rubin called me angrily into his private office and shut the door. He proceeded to yell at me using many curse words.

Apparently Dan Kollmorgan, the sound programmer had reported to Rubin a discussion he had had with Josh Mancell, Mark Mothersbaugh's associate at Mutato Muzika. What was the problem? Well, I sent a message to Mothersbaugh that as "Producer" I would be the point person for them to deal with and not to deal with Naughty Dog directly. I was told by Mark Cerny and Rob Biniaz to handle this relationship that way. They did not want everyone at Naughty Dog communicating and possibly confusing the direction of their work. I was a "soldier under command" so I did that.

Back in Rubin's office, he was angry at me about "this letter" and then threaten my life! He said I was going to be sorry! I did NOT report this to management or anyone one else at that time. I was a mature adult who could take this and I wasn't afraid of Rubin as I came from a tough neighborhood and had loads of associates myself. Rubin's father was a lawyer and I suppose told him to always act tough or people will shit on you. Those tactics do NOT work, but that was the final straw. Mark Cerny then used this severed relationship to get involved as Sony had just arrived. He said quote "They don't like you!"....

Speak about failing to support your own directive and your employee!!!

P. Caldora (fan)
It's surprising to hear that Mark Cerny, of all people, had a dark side to him. To me, he always came off as a pacifist and let everyone do their thing. But hey, I guess everyone wants a piece of that pie.

Craig Anthony Perkins
More like Passive Aggressive. Ever see the movie "Swimming with Sharks" starring Kevin Spacey? Working for Mark was almost like that! At least for me it was. He was a brilliant technical problem solver, but he was THE most egotistical, manipulative tyrant in a scarily passive way that I had ever worked for.

As for Rubin, he was a straight-up in your face bully. Simple as that.


Dave Siller
The EGM Hall of Shame dilemma.

Right after the Editors of EGM had visited UIS and spoke with Naughty Dog, Rubin came into my office and sat down and asked me if I could do them a favor. This was after everything that had previously gone down...

He said that one of EGM's editors told him that at their offices in Lombard, there was a hallway wall where they showcased what they thought were the "Hall of Shame" games and that "Way of the Warrior" was the central piece on that wall. He asked me if I could talk to them and make that go away. I did that for them and he never appreciated that I helped them in so many ways except to constantly throw me under the bus.

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