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As Crash is wildly popular with the Japanese crowd, it should be of no surprise that he had his own comics there. Dansu! De Jump! Na Daibouken (literally "Dance! Then Jump! It's a Great Adventure") was drawn by Ari Kawashima in 1998. Though loosely based on Crash Bandicoot 2, it's something completely unique and ridiculously zany.

This manga is collected in two volumes. All credit goes to FierceTheBandit for scanning the pages and SnowLady4Ever for translating them. Be warned that there is some mild swearing in the scans, and remember to read each page from right to left!

Volume 1

Volume 2


  • Manga is read from right to left, as opposed to western comics.
  • Some differences include:
    - Crash talks and the characters are portrayed in a different manner in general.
    - Tawna leaves Crash for Pinstripe.
    - Wumpa fruits are apples.
    - Crystals are called Power Stones.
    - All animals are human-like.
  • Many of the jokes and gags are, of course, based on Japanese culture.
  • Some Japanese suffixes used are:
    - Kun (used to address boys and, more rarely, girls. Crash is usually referred to as Crash-kun.)
    - Sama (for addressing someone important or superior in rank. Cortex refers to himself as this.)
    - Kawaii (cute).
    - Chan (usually referring to beloved people or someone cute. Crash, however, calls apples this.)
    - Onii-chan (affectionate term for brother, used by Coco).

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