Lab Assistants


  • Species: Android
  • Alignment: Evil


Dr. Neo Cortex is often aided by laboratory assistants. They all share the same physical traits for a simple reason: they're actually mass-produced androids. Their clothes, items, and attack patterns vary according to the environment they're patrolling. These guys also have a habit of screaming loudly upon defeat.

Some (if not all) lab assistants were created inside a small factory dubbed the Neo-Cor System. With the help of Dr. Nefarious Tropy's Time Twister, this automated contraption dispatched the assistants to various points in time around the globe to search for crystals.


  • The scream that the lab assistants let out when defeated is a sped-up version of a stock sound effect known as the Howie Scream. It's featured in a lot of old movies.
  • As with several other objects in the original trilogy's code, the Lab Assistants' internal names are profane. They are usually named "obj_motherf***er" and "obj_a**hole" in the code (and yes, it's uncensored there).


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