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Lab Assistants


  • Species: Android
  • Alignment: Evil


Dr. Neo Cortex is often aided by laboratory assistants. They all share the same physical traits for a simple reason: they're actually mass-produced androids. Their clothes, items, and attack patterns vary according to the environment they're patrolling. These guys also have a habit of screaming loudly upon defeat.

Some (if not all) lab assistants were created inside a small factory dubbed the Neo-Cor System. With the help of Dr. Nefarious Tropy's Time Twister, this automated contraption dispatched the assistants to various points in time around the globe to search for crystals.


The scream that the lab assistants let out when defeated is a sped-up version of a stock sound effect known as the Howie Scream. It's featured in a lot of old movies.


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