Mojo is a mystical substance and the essence of life. It can be found solidified in spheres all over Wumpa Island, most notably the great Mojo Temple from where a large stream of the stuff flows down.

Creatures can be made stronger with the use of Mojo, and Dr. Neo Cortex used this to his advantage and created more powerful mutants than ever before. Uka Uka is also capable of generating a sort of bad Mojo, which has hypnotic effects on those it gets a hold on. Creatures from the order of peramelemorphia (namely bandicoots and bilbies) are somehow immune to regular Mojo control, though this doesn't extend to Uka Uka's bad mojo.

As an in-game collectible, Mojo unlocks new abilities for Crash. The amount of Mojo you get varies depending on the size of the spheres you collect. You can double the amount you collect for a short time by picking up a 2x multiplier. In Mind Over Mutant, Mojo can be multiplied by landing consecutive hits on enemies without getting hurt, letting you earn up to 20 times more Mojo. Combining this with a 2x multiplier can temporarily give you up to 40x more. Your mutants get stronger with Mojo in this game as well.


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