The Ratnician


  • Species: Rat (Rattus)
  • Mutant Class: Minion
  • Alignment: Evil


These fragile lab rats are some of Dr. Neo Cortex's underlings. They usually carry beakers around and speak in a distinctly nerdy accent. After they were abandoned in Wumpa Island, they became ravenous while trying to adapt to the wilderness, and started serving under N. Gin.


  • The Ratnician's voice and verbal tics are based on Julius Kelp, Jerry Lewis's character from the 1963 movie The Nutty Professor.
  • The original name for the Ratnician was Chiratta.


Crash of the Titans, Mind Over Mutant (DS)

The original design.

Crash: Mind Over Mutant

Besides having visible irises this time around, the Ratnicians became ravenous castaways, which affected their appearance. Their clothes are worn out, they're wearing sandals, and they now have beards and whiskers. They also like to carry around coconuts.

Thanks to Darxae for the picture.

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