The Yuktopus


  • Mutant Class: Captain
  • Alignment: Good


This giant mixture of metal, duck, octopus, and recycled garbage was built by Dr. Neo Cortex to help him steal all the Mojo he needed for his army of mutants, whilst belting out catchy tunes from his bagpipe at the same time. He's equipped with a powerful laser cannon and is capable of paralyzing anyone with his heavenly bagpipe song.


Crash of the Titans

The original design.

Crash: Mind Over Mutant

The Yuktopus's design was overhauled. He lost a lot of the junk that used to cover him, and what's still there is brown instead of purple. Instead of a scuba-mask head, he now has a visible jaw with a pigtailed beard. His tentacle doesn't have feathers on it and his duck feet are no longer visible since he wears boots now. He has three bagpipes instead of just one.

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