Tiny Tiger


  • Species: Tasmanian Tiger (Thylacinus Cynocephalus)
  • Gender: Male
  • Alignment: Evil


A hulking, humanoid Tasmanian Tiger with small legs, dressed in a green loin cloth and wearing red sneakers.The ironically named Tiny Tiger is one of Dr. Cortex's strongest minions, but also one of his least intelligent ones. He speaks in broken English (usually referring to himself in third person) and is often quite incompetent. Despite having small legs for his size, Tiny is a powerful jumper. He is savage and very brutish, and his strong body allows him to crush or bend most things with ease, including bars of metal.

This large beast is very loyal to Cortex and he tries to please him when he gets the chance, especially if it involves turning Crash Bandicoot into a very fine marsupial paste. Tiny stays in shape by (easily) lifting extremely heavy weights. He seemingly enjoys playing checkers against himself.

Tiny seems to be the last remaining Tasmanian Tiger, a marsupial species that has long been considered extinct.

- Thanks to Samno for the picture.


A human-like bengal tiger in a military uniform.In Crash of the Titans, Tiny is portrayed as a common Bengal Tiger, due to unfamiliarity from the developers at the time while redesigning the characters in the game. Despite his fearsome size and threatening appearance, this Tiny regrets having to resort to violence, and he is not dumb either. His high-pitched voice contrasts his bulky figure, and despite being one of Cortex's minions, he doesn't dislike Crash Bandicoot. He is essentially a parody of real-life boxer Mike Tyson (similar voice and everything).


  • Like the Komodo Brothers, Tiny was created by Joe Pearson for the original Crash Bandicoot, but he ended up making his debut in the sequel one year later.
  • Tiny got his name very late in development, and for a long time he was simply referred to as Tasmanian Tiger by the developers. The abbreviation "Taz Tiger" can still be seen if you pause during his boss fight in the NTSC-U version of Crash Bandicoot 2. This was fixed for other regions.
  • According to Crash of the Titans (Nintendo DS), Tiny is 2m tall and weighs 90kg.


Crash Bandicoot 2, Crash Team Racing

Voix : Brendan O'Brien

The original design.

Thanks to Samno for the picture.

Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped

Voix : Brendan O'Brien

Tiny has the same design, but since he's fought in ancient Rome in this game, he wears gladiator armor and wields a trident.

Thanks to Alen for the picture.

Crash Bandicoot The Wrath of Cortex

Tiny's ears are longer and less angular. His eyes are bigger, closer to each other, and crossed, and his fangs are longer. His fur is slightly lighter. His claws are dark and distinct from his fingers.

Thanks to Crasharki for the picture.

Crash Nitro Kart, Crash Bandicoot Purple

Voix : John DiMaggio

Tiny has reverted to his original design with a few changes: he doesn't have the spiky shoulder pads, his nose is brown, and his bracelets are golden.

Thanks to Crasharki for the picture.

Crash Twinsanity

Tiny is even bigger than before. He has irises now (which are brown in color), his ears are longer and his shoulder pads have an additional spike each. Tiny's fur is much brighter than usual, being golden instead of orange, and sporting Tasmanian Tiger stripes on his back. His bracelets have reverted to their original silver color. Due to an overlook, his game model doesn't have a tail.

Crash of the Titans

Voix : Chris Williams (console) / Nolan North (Nintendo DS)

Tiny bears zero resemblance to his previous self. He is now a common Bengal Tiger instead of the extinct Tasmanian Tiger. His personality and voice are also completely different, being able to speak in perfect English and having regrets when it comes to violence.

N. Sane Trilogy, CTR Nitro-Fueled

Voix : John DiMaggio

Model by: Cory Turner

Tiny has reverted to his original self with a lot more detail than before and some minor stylistic differences. Besides the realistic fur, his eyebrows are no longer jagged like usual, and his eyes are less angular and slanted. He has also retained the brown irises from Twinsanity. The spikes on his shoulder pads are slightly arched.

Thanks to The Wumpa Gem for the picture.

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