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Getting Started

The camera used by the development team for debugging purposes was left in the game, and it can be enabled through a cheat code.

Hold L1 + R1 at the title screen and input X, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle. If done correctly, you'll hear a chime.

With this mode enabled, you can manipulate the camera however you want in the current area, including race tracks. Have fun using it and explore to your heart's content!

The debug camera is entirely mapped to the controller plugged into the second port (sorry PSP users). If you only have a single controller, simply plug it into the second port before turning the game on (it's still more convenient to use a second controller because then you won't be moving your character at the same time as the camera).

Using the second controller port, you can control the camera using the following buttons:

  • Select: Toggle debug camera on/off.
  • Left/Right on D-Pad: Switch between camera modes.

Each mode has its own quirks and controls, explained below.

Free Camera

  • Left Analog Stick Up/Down: Move the camera back/forward.
  • Left Analog Stick Left/Right: Move the camera sideways.
  • Right Analog Stick: Point the camera (as you would in first person view).
  • L1: Ascend
  • L2: Descend

Reverted Fish Eye Lens

  • Left Analog Stick Up/Down: Zoom in/zoom out on your character.
  • Left Analog Stick Left/Right: Rotate the camera around your character.
  • Right Analog Stick Up/Down: Increase/decrease the reverted fish eye lens effect, respectively. Use it with the left analog stick simultaneously for better results.
  • L1: Top-to-bottom view.
  • R1: Bottom-to-top view.
  • D-Pad Up/Down: Switch focus between characters during a race.

This mode appears to have a duplicate during races for some reason.

Default Camera

The default camera is the same as it's always been, except now it won't change angles during cutscenes. Although it's mapped to the first controller, you can press Up/Down on the second controller's D-Pad to switch focus between different characters during a race.

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