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User Agreement and Privacy Policy

Accord Utilisateur

Crash Bandicoot étant une série pour tous publics, Crash Mania s'assure également de proposer des contenus convenant à tous les publics, y compris les contenus publiés par les utilisateurs. En créant un compte, vous acceptez les conditions d'utilisation suivantes :

  • Tout contenu de votre création que vous publiez sur ce site doit convenir à un jeune public. Cela comprend votre nom d'utilisateur, votre avatar, vos images et vos commentaires. Puisqu'il n'y a pas de définition définitive (essayez de répéter ça dix fois sans bégayer) de ce qui est convenable pour un jeune public, gardez à l'esprit que vous ne devez pas proposer de contenus allant à l'encontre des classifications ESRB ou PEGI des jeux de la série (autrement dit, ne proposez pas de contenus inappropriés pour des enfants de 10 ans ou moins). Ceci inclut (entre autres) les injures, le sang et la nudité.
  • Ne créez pas plus d'un compte par personne.
  • N'insultez pas et ne vous disputez pas avec d'autres utilisateurs.
  • Vos interactions sont sujettes à évaluation par l'administration du site. Celle-ci se réserve le droit de modifier ou supprimer votre compte ou le contenu que vous publiez sans avis préalable si vous violez l'une des conditions précédemment mentionnées.
  • En cas de suppression de votre compte par l'administration, tout nouveau compte créé par vous sera supprimé sans préavis.

Privacy Policy

Personal Information

Crash Mania (referring to this web site and its administrator) makes a conscious effort to ask for as little personal data from its users as possible, but there are certain elements that cannot function properly without receiving and processing specific details, most notably when creating and using an account.

When creating an account, every user is asked for:

  • Their email address;
  • A username/alias (Crash Mania suggests avoiding terms that can be used to personally identify the user, such as their real name);
  • Their country of residence.

Crash Mania respects the privacy of all of its users and commits to protecting the personal information they decide to share. When the collection of the aforementioned personal data is required, Crash Mania will ask for the user's consent before storing it in its database. This data is stored for a period of 10 years since the user's last interaction with Crash Mania, and it is subject to computer treatment. The collected personal data will not be used for marketing or any purposes beyond basic user interactions within this web site, though Crash Mania may contact its users directly using the email address they provide. Crash Mania will never share its users' email addresses with the public or any third-parties.

Sensitive information is irreversibly encrypted for security purposes. At the moment, this includes the user's chosen password, but this policy may change to reflect any additional details that may be encrypted in the future. Please note that even though Crash Mania uses a secure connection and the encryption is done immediately after the user submits their password of choice, Crash Mania cannot fully guarantee protection against external attacks that may intercept that password during the encryption process. Should there be a security breach, Crash Mania will send an email message to its users up to 72 hours after the breach was discovered to inform them of the matter and take the necessary steps to correct the situation as soon as possible.

The right to access, correct, and erase any personal information will always be guaranteed by Crash Mania. This right can be exercised directly through the contact form present in this web site. As a reminder, an exception to this rule is the access to sensitive information in its original form, as it is irreversibly encrypted before being stored.

Crash Mania recommends that its users do not disclose personal information unless strictly required. Examples include (but are not limited to) images or text that can be used to identify a user personally in publicly visible areas, such as their profile or fan art.


Cookies are tiny text files stored by your web browser with varying types of data. With the exception of cookies that are strictly necessary for the site to work properly, you can choose to turn these on and off. Pressing the button below opens up a bar at the bottom of the screen that lets you do just that.

Change Cookie Settings

The cookies used by Crash Mania store anonymous values to enhance your experience and will expire after 12 months if you don't clear them manually. Here is a list of the cookies Crash Mania uses:

Strictly Necessary Cookies

  • PHPSESSID: A short-term session cookie that is automatically deleted from your browser whenever you close it. It's a key that tells the server which account you're using, if any.
  • cookieconsent_status: This stores your cookie preferences for Crash Mania.
  • login: If you tell the site to remember you on your next visit, this cookie is created with a unique identifier to that effect.
  • font_size: Used to remember your preferred font size.

Statistics Cookies

  • _ga, _gid, _gat: These cookies are deployed by Google Analytics to obtain anonymous statistics. They let Crash Mania know how many users have accessed a specific page along with some other non-personal details (time of visit, which browsers are being used, and so on). You can read Google's cookie policy if you'd like to know more.

Functionality Cookies

  • __atuvc, __atuvs: Cookies provided by the AddThis service enable sharing buttons on each page. More information can be found in their site.

Marketing Cookies

In order to be sustainable, Crash Mania displays non-intrusive ads at the top of each page. These are picked by Google Adsense, and as such, it's impossible to list each individual cookie that may or may not appear. A rule of thumb is that any cookies used by Crash Mania that are not covered in the previous lists fall into this category. As with every other cookie that isn't strictly necessary, you can simply turn these off. If you find Crash Mania enjoyable and want it to stay online, having these cookies and ads on is a tremendous help.

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