Crash Bandicoot and his friends and foes often participate in racing events. They have driven a variety of wheeled vehicles, including karts and cars:

In Crash Team Racing, everyone but Nitros Oxide drives small go-karts that are identical to each other, bar different colors. These karts can hop, powerslide, and turbo boost.

In Crash Nitro Kart, racers are divided in teams of 3, and each team has its own kart model, differing only in visual design. All of these are variations of the previous karts modified by Emperor Velo to defy gravity and run upside down where needed.

In Crash Tag Team Racing, each racer has 3 different cars*. They handle very differently from karts, and each one has its own unique design. These cars are divided in 3 types: fast ones with poor armour and handling, slow ones with tough armour, and balanced ones. These racing cars sprout rockets on the sides when the turbo meter is full, and even though they can't hop, they can still drift to cut around corners.

Additionally, these cars can fuse with each other. When two cars fuse, they form a single battle car with double the resistance and two 360º rotating turrets (one from each car). In this form, both racers operate the car: one remains on the driver's seat, while the racer who initiated the clashing shoots the turrets (switching places is always an option, however). Since each racer has his/her own unique turret, this allows multiple clashing combinations. There is no limit to clashing, but the turrets have limited ammo every time two cars clash, resetting after they unclash. Whoever decides to unclash is pushed out ahead, which can be used as a tactical advantage.

*The PlayStation 2 and PlayStation Portable versions of the game have one additional car for each character, which can only be unlocked by linking both versions together.


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