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N. Sanity Island


N. Sanity Island is a large Australian paradise and home to Crash Bandicoot and his family, as well as the native tribe led by Papu Papu. It is part of an archipelago known as The Wumpa Islands.

This island is easily distinguishable by the mountain with a giant skull carved on it, from which a waterfall flows into a river connected to the ocean. A nearby geyser periodically expels fish and sends them tumbling down the mountain, where they flop their way into the sea. All this occurs near the beach, which is a calm, sunny spot with some Wumpa fruit trees and large hermit crabs.

Various totem gods and monoliths are scattered all around the island. A vast jungle serves as the habitat for lots of different creatures, including fully sentient man-eating plants, wild boars, skunks, monkeys, and various birds, among others. The tribesmen are the only human inhabitants in the island, living in a small village behind a large, wooden gate.

The hidden caves in N. Sanity Island contain numerous crystals. It is perhaps for that reason that Dr. Neo Cortex built an automated excavation plant inside.


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