Wumpa Fruit


Wumpa fruits are Crash Bandicoot's favorite food. These apple-shaped fruits typically sport a red-to-yellow-to-green gradient and contain purple juice. Wumpa fruits grow on yellow palm trees, and a mature seed is typically much larger than the fruit itself, indicating that it might keep growing after the fruit is gone. Wumpa trees grow absurdly quickly.


These fruits are the most common pick-ups in most Crash games, and even though their function can vary sometimes, they usually give you 1 extra life for each 100 you pick up.

  • In the platform games up to Twinsanity and excluding Purple, picking up 100 Wumpa fruits gives you an extra life. After 99 fruits, the counter goes back to 0. Defeating multiple enemies simultaneously or in chained jumps gives you extra fruits in games up to Crash Bandicoot 3. The higher the combo, the more fruit you get. Particularly high combos start giving out extra lives instead.
  • In Crash Team Racing and Crash Nitro Kart, picking up 10 fruits makes your power-ups stronger. It also makes your kart go slightly faster in Crash Nitro Kart.
  • In Crash Bash, these can serve as health or turbo, depending on the mini-game.
  • In Purple, Wumpa fruits are used as currency. This is also the first game that allows more than 99 fruits on the counter and doesn't reset to 0 (the counter can go up to a total of 9999 Wumpa fruits).
  • In Crash: Boom, Bang!, Wumpa fruits have various effects, depending on the mini-games. There is also a giant, golden Wumpa fruit in the maze game.
  • In Crash of the Titans, Wumpa fruits replenish Crash's health and also awards lives in the Game Boy Advance version after you collect enough of them. The required number for the latter is continuously higher with each extra life you get. Golden Wumpa fruits give you extra lives in the main version of the game. Blue versions called Evo-Wumpa fruits replenish health for any mutant you're controlling in the DS version.
  • In Mind Over Mutant, Wumpa fruits continue to replenish Crash's health, but golden Wumpa fruits increase his health bar permanently, as this game doesn't use a lives system.
  • Wumpa fruits are often used as ammunition, namely for Crash's Bazooka, his Glider in The Wrath of Cortex, and his Wumpa Gun in Crash Tag Team Racing.

Fatos Interessantes

  • Wumpa fruits are simply called apples in Japan.
  • In the first game, if you happen to leave Crash standing for too long, Crash will accidentally hit himself with a Wumpa fruit, revealing purple juice. The color of the juice was changed to yellow in the Radical Entertainment games and related animated shorts. The fruits themselves more closely resemble mangos than apples in these games.


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