Wumpa Island


Note: This article is about Wumpa Island as seen in Crash of the Titans and Mind Over Mutant. For the three-island archipelago known as The Wumpa Islands, consult: N. Sanity Island, middle island, and Cortex Island.

Wumpa Island is a luscious place inhabited mostly by Cortex's mutants, including Crash Bandicoot and his family. It's believed to be the source of Mojo, the essence of life.

Much of the island is composed by dense jungles, which contain various tiki statues and ruins (including the Mojo Temple). A massive canyon with large waterfalls can be found in less green parts, where Cortex built a lumber yard to collect materials for his ill-fated Doominator robot, which now lies in ruins.

Hot places include a magma dome and a big deserted wasteland, and on the other side of the spectrum lies the frozen coast, where the Ratcicles built their kingdom, with an evil public school not too far from it. For daredevil adventurers, Mount Grimly provides an intriguing and spooky experience, but if all you want is to go sight-seeing, be sure to tour around the gigantic tree that Uka Uka grew as his personal lair.

Sadly, not even Wumpa Island is safe from Cortex and his cronies' meddling, as you can probably guess from the giant robot wreckage lying immobile near Crash's house. N. Gin also opted to build a weapons factory on the beach (which looks like him dressed up and posing as the Statue of Liberty), but it's been discarded into Brio's evil junk yard, also located somewhere on the island.


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