Crash Bandicoot: WARPED - Story

Uka Uka escapes from his temple prison.

Thanks to the efforts of Crash Bandicoot, Cortex's master plan was ruined. Not only did the doctor fail to brainwash the entire planet, but his Cortex Vortex is now plummeting down from space. As fate would have it, the remains of this space station land on a jungle site, breaking open a temple from which a mysterious entity floats away.

Meanwhile, Crash is taking a break from adventuring just outside his house. He's joined by his sister Coco and his good friend Aku Aku, along with the polar bear cub he adopted as a pet after his last adventure. This moment of relaxation doesn't last long, however, because whatever flew out of the sealed temple earlier passes by overhead, laughing menacingly. Aku Aku recognizes this force and utters that a great evil has returned. Bringing everyone inside the safety of their home, the witch doctor explains that his evil twin Uka Uka has been freed from the prison he'd been sealed in for centuries. Aku Aku knows how much of a threat his brother is, so with the help of Crash and Coco, he sets out to stop him just like he did eons ago.

Cortex kneels before Uka Uka.

As if they didn't have enough trouble to deal with, it seems like Uka Uka not only knows Cortex, but he's also been giving him instructions from inside his prison this whole time. Indeed, now that Uka Uka is free, Cortex is overwhelmed by his power and reduced to a mere lackey. Not too happy with Cortex's past failures, Uka Uka's only reason for giving Cortex another chance is because this turn of events led to his freedom. Since they've lost the Earth's crystals and gems, they're left with no adequate power source for their plans. At least for the time being...

N. Tropy.

Requesting the help of an old ally known as Dr. Nefarious Tropy, Uka Uka plans to retrieve the crystals from different points in time. N. Tropy has built a time-travelling station known as the Time Twister, giving Cortex access to the crystals once again along with the means to rewrite history as he sees fit. On the other hand, it also gives Crash and Coco the power to stop them. Led by their friend Aku Aku, they discover the Time Twister and set out to find the crystals before Cortex's minions do so. It's a race through time to battle enemies both familiar and new, but will Uka Uka be the bandicoot's downfall?

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