Crash Nitro Kart (handheld) - Secrets


  • Bosses: Each boss can be unlocked by beating him in Adventure mode.
  • N. Tropy*: Defeat Velo in Adventure mode.
  • Spyro the Dragon*: Defeat Velo in Adventure mode.
  • Nitros Oxide*: Get all gold relics in Adventure mode.
  • Fake Crash (submitted by Fakecortex): In Arcade or Time Trial mode, go to the level Out of Time. Drive to the bottom right corner of the map and stick to your left until you spot a flower. Drive over the flower and you will find yourself in the middle of the desert. Turn right and drive towards the start line (marked by a red line on the map). Within the u-shaped area you're in, you'll find a 2 patches of light sand: a small one and a big one. Fake Crash is standing in the middle of the big one. Drive up to him and you will unlock him.

*Can also be unlocked by linking the Game Boy Advance and GameCube versions together.


  • Velo's Challenge: Defeat Velo in Adventure mode.


  • Artillery: Beat the Blue Gem Cup. 
  • R/C Kart: Beat the Green Gem Cup. 
  • Turbo: Beat the Red Gem Cup. 
  • Lunar: Beat the Purple Gem Cup. 


  • Crash Party USA: To unlock this mini-game, hold the L and R buttons while turning on the console. If you beat all 10 levels, you'll get 3 missiles each time you start a race against Velo.

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