Crash Tag Team Racing - Story

Park creator Ebenezer Von Clutch is in a pickle. Recently rated as the most hazardous spot on Earth, his racing park, MotorWorld, has rapidly slipped into disrepair and decay. More importantly, the gems that power up the place have been stolen, including the special Black Heart designed for Von Clutch's robotic body.

In a nearby road, Crash Bandicoot, Coco, and Crunch are driving away from Cortex, who is joined by Nina and N. Gin as they try to take the bandicoots down. After Crash remembers he doesn't have a license, he decides to park at the entrance of MotorWorld by crashing into the place, leaving Cortex to follow suit as proper etiquette demands.

Delighted by their appearance, Von Clutch explains the predicament he's in and claims to offer MotorWorld to whoever finds the power gems first. Cortex and N. Gin see this as an opportunity to create a new base of operations and destroy the bandicoots all at once, but Von Clutch is going to play it safe nonetheless – Not only is he participating in the event and looking for the gems himself, but he'll also be joined by Pasadena O'Possum, an ace racer and a good friend of Von Clutch's.

The stage is set for an unusual day in the company of Crash. Who will be the first to find the gems and solve the mystery behind their theft?

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