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The Crash Bandicoot Plot Holes

Publicado por HP Zoner em 2 Junho, 2019

Let's all point and laugh at the inconsistencies amidst mutant animals and sentient masks.

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The Common Misconceptions of Crash

Publicado por HP Zoner em 18 Maio, 2019

Is Pura a girl? Does Penta appear in Warped? Has Fake Crash found true love? Find out the answers to most of these questions right now!

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CTR Nitro-Fueled - First Thoughts

Publicado por HP Zoner em 8 Dezembro, 2018

Crash Team Racing is back, and it's looking better than ever!

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N. Sane Trilogy - New Level + Fixes

Publicado por HP Zoner em 14 Junho, 2018

Now that Crash is going multiplatform again, the N. Sane Trilogy is getting some new content!

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N. Sane Trilogy Coming to PC and Switch

Publicado por HP Zoner em 13 Fevereiro, 2018

N. Sane Trilogy ports and a new game are being planned right now. Also Spyro!

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The Remake Conundrum

Publicado por HP Zoner em 5 Agosto, 2017

With remakes on everyone's minds right now, it's time to assess the situation and see how things can go from here.

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Twinsanity Remaster - An Open Letter by Keith Webb

Publicado por HP Zoner em 3 Agosto, 2017

A letter to Vicarious Visions by Twinsanity concept artist Keith Webb.

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