Playable Cortex Confirmed for Skylanders

Dr. Neo Cortex joins Skylanders Imaginators as a playable character with his own figurine.

It is a thing of beauty. Everyone's favorite maniacal scientist, Dr. Neo Cortex, is joining our bandicoot boy in Skylanders Imaginators! Like Crash himself, Cortex will be a fully playable character with his own toy, giving fans of the series yet another reason to get the game's Crash Edition.

Cortex's design is heavily based on his original appearance, which is consistent with Crash's portrayal. It's a pretty safe bet that this is how he's going to be represented in the upcoming remasters. The doc's element, of course, is Tech, and his battle type is Sorcerer (though probably not in the true sense of the word; he does have his ray gun, as usual).

Though Cortex's true intentions in the plot are unknown at the time (because let's face it, you know he's got some ulterior motive), his playable appearance means that you and a friend can play the game as the Twinsanity duo, and since Crash is bringing Aku Aku with him, there is a chance Uka Uka will be there too. Not only that, but Cortex is also no stranger to teaming up with a villain from a different series, so you could always let him join forces with Bowser for fun.

With this reveal, we finally know exactly which Sensei figures the Crash Edition will have: Crash, Cortex, Golden Queen, and Master King Pen making up for a grand total of 4 included Senseis. The pack will also contain an Imaginite Creation Crystal, a Portal of Power, a poster, and, of course, the game itself. For $99.99 US dollars, that's a pretty sweet deal.

The first gameplay videos featuring Cortex should be released soon. When that happens, we'll finally be able to confirm whether Lex Lang is reprising his role as Crash's arch-nemesis. Stay tuned for more news on that and more!


Bitmap | August 16, 2016 - 06:54 PM

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