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The N. Sane Trilogy is out on Switch, Xbox One, and PC!

N. Sane Trilogy - New Content

N. Sane Trilogy - New Level + Fixes

Опубликовано HP Zoner на June 14, 2018

Now that Crash is going multiplatform again, the N. Sane Trilogy is getting some new content!

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N. Sane Trilogy Coming to PC and Switch

Опубликовано HP Zoner на February 13, 2018

N. Sane Trilogy ports and a new game are being planned right now. Also Spyro!

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The Remake Conundrum

Опубликовано HP Zoner на August 5, 2017

With remakes on everyone's minds right now, it's time to assess the situation and see how things can go from here.

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Twinsanity Remaster - An Open Letter by Keith Webb

Опубликовано HP Zoner на August 3, 2017

A letter to Vicarious Visions by Twinsanity concept artist Keith Webb.

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Vicarious Visions Responds to Feedback - Part 2

Опубликовано HP Zoner на July 24, 2017

A continuation of the previous post to further elaborate on what was said before.

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