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User Agreement

Since Crash Bandicoot is a family-friendly franchise (try saying that 3 times fast), Crash Mania tries its best to be tonally similar, and this includes user-submitted content. By creating an account, you accept the following terms:

  • Any content you create and submit to this site must not be inappropriate for a young audience. This includes your username, avatar, images, and comments. As there is no absolute definition of what's considered appropriate for a young viewer, a good rule of thumb is to not create content that would oppose the Crash Bandicoot games' classification ratings (in other words, do not submit anything that would be inappropriate for ages 10 and under). This includes (but is not limited to) swear words and depictions of blood or nudity.
  • You must not create more than one account per person.
  • You must not insult or argue with other users.
  • Your interactions are subject to evaluation by this site's administration. The administration holds the right to change or delete your account or any content you submit without prior notice if you violate any of the previously mentioned terms.
  • Should the administration delete your account, new accounts you create for yourself will be deleted on sight.

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