Backstage - Interviews - Lex Lang (Dr. Neo Cortex)

Interview led by: Jump Button
Questions by: Jump Button, HP Zoner, and Smaz

Lex LangThroughout the course of the Crash series, evil scientist Dr. Neo Cortex has always had one simple little goal - to take over the World, of course! Voicing someone so evil, so villainous, so horrible! (echo) must be quite an experience, and here is Cortex's voice actor to tell you all about it - none other than Lex Lang. He's a very cool guy and definitely doesn't build giant robots of destruction (that we know of). Our thanks to him!

Q: What is it like to be Cortex?
A: Devilishly Twisted. Flamboyant while sinister. Masterminded foolery. A legend in his own mind. Those are a few terms that come to mind.

Q: Is his megalomania a fun thing to act?
A: What megalomania?

Q: When a new game comes out, you probably get to meet the other voice actors, right? If so, what is it like to work with them?
A: Mostly in games, you work alone, doing only your characters. But in this business of voice over, you tend to see a lot of the same people on different projects or events, "in the halls" so to speak. Knowing them, for me, is an immense pleasure. I admire their talent and feel honored to be among them.

Q: After the old voice actor for Cortex left, how did you become involved with the Crash series?
A: I auditioned through my Agency. My agent called me in to read for it. There was one follow up audition and I was cast.

Q: Do you remember being given any instructions?
A: Be yourself... Just Kidding! LOL. The director described the character and I heard signature samples of others who had played the part before me. Then I was given the freedom to have fun with it and develop the character with the director. We eventually got to a point where we were all laughing at the lines and the character so we stuck with that depiction of Cortex. Master Evil with a bit of a childish feminine side that leaks out in his tirades.

Q: How did you begin your career as a voice actor?
A: My first "real" voice acting job was working on "power rangers" in their walla (background voices). One of my friends back then was a girl named Amy Jo Johnson, she was playing the Pink Ranger on the show Power Rangers and she introduced me to one of the voice producers for the show and he put me on what they call a walla session (where you do the background voices for the people in the street and in stores and restaurants etc.) After that I got to do one line or two during that season (as Louis Kaboom), and the following year I landed the parts of Rygog and Lerigot in the movie Power Rangers Turbo. As a result I played them both in the following season of Power Rangers Turbo the TVshow. The following year I got the part of Ecliptor on the Power Rangers in Space among other parts. ( However very few people know that my very first voice over job happened several years earlier when I was the narrator and host for "Inside the Musicians Institute" a program about the music school located in Hollywood. (which I incidentally also graduated from). After that I met Sandy Fox (who is my wife now) and she has been an inspiration and great part of everything voice over since then. :)

Q: Do you have any favorite lines in particular?
A: It's difficult to remember the lines after I finish a session, because often I am playing multiple characters and doing so many lines. That being said... we do laugh a lot during the sessions.

Q: The Crash games usually have a lot of dialog. Is it tough to record so many lines?
A: It requires a lot of focus and energy to do 12 or 13 hundred lines during a 7 hour session. We usually barrel through it for an hour or two at a time and then take a break for 5 or 10 minutes then right back at it. When it's over I feel like I've run a marathon.

Q: Are you good at playing video-games, or do you often find yourself getting beaten by the very character you voice?
A: I like to play when I get the chance, but I'm not very good so it takes me forever to finish the games. I actually don't get to see (or hear) much of the work I do in games. I search you tube for cut scenes and if I'm lucky I get to see it.

Q: Are you allowed any improvisation on the lines?
A: Yes, once the director knows that I'm in the character I have pretty much free reign to do what I want as far as improv and making it funny.

Q: Cortex is one of the most popular characters in the series, and much of it is derived from the sensational voice-over you provide. Crash fans all over the World think you really bring the character to life, whether he's scheming about his next plan, being a coward or having one of those over-the-top moments with evil laughter. Keep up the great work!
A: Thank you for the interview and for enjoying the work I do in the studio!!!!

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